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Importance Of Temperature Monitoring In Industry

Dec 31st 2015 at 1:43 AM

Many of us are not aware of the fact that temperature monitoring is one of the crucial parameters that many industries have to follow. There are many temperature applications, which have federal and state regulations regarding temperature monitoring. The story does not end here. Data has to be produced in support of the temperature monitoring that all the parameters and requirements have been met with successfully. A report is created of the temperature data after thorough analysis and presented to the concerned regulatory bodies. The records are also preserved in online and offline format for future references.


Use of data loggers for recording humidity and temperatures in various industries

Science and technology is giving birth to various instruments that can calculate and record anything and everything on this planet. One such instrument is the humidity data logger. This instrument has the capacity of recording and displaying humidity and temperature in various industries. There are many industries or items where humidity and temperature monitoring are mandatory. And this is mainly targeted at ensuring safety of consumers. Right from food processing industry to pharmaceutical industry, the need of humidity and temperature data loggers is becoming inevitable.


Different industries where temperature monitoring is important

1. Shipping industry – You might be thinking as why the shipping industry needs temperature monitoring. Well, along with various kinds of food items that are shipped, ships also transport various kinds of temperature sensitive cargo. Explosives, plants, sensitive art work etc need proper temperature to be in good condition. High as well as low temperatures can cause damage to the product. Thus temperature data loggers are a must for shipping applications.


2. Temperature Monitoring for Food Industry – The food processing industry needs temperature monitoring devices for sure. For instance, in food processing units where meat is processed, temperature levels are monitored continuously all along the cooking, processing, cooling, and storing and transportation process. The monitoring of the temperature is done as per the variety of the food item and till the time it reaches the consumer. Smokehouses and ovens have temperature monitoring devices so that the foods are done in perfect manner. Processes like canning, thermal processing, beverage pasteurization, egg processing also need strict temperature and humidity monitoring. This ensures that the food products will remain in the best conditions and prevent food wastage considerably.

3. Medical fields and pharmaceutical industry – Temperature sensitive applications are not new in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. In many places, non contact temperature measurement system is installed so that there is no chance of contamination or infection. Temperature plays a pivotal role in cleanliness and sterilization process, which is very important in this industry. To make steam sterilization successful, it is very important to ensure that the sterilization has taken place at the right temperature. No-contact data loggers are placed in such a manner so that temperature details of the entire sterilization cycle are recorded. Monitoring of vaccine temperature is another important thing in the pharmaceutical industry.

4. In homes and public transportation – The installation of HVAC systems in homes and public transportation is quite common. These systems provide cooling in summer months and warm ambience in winter times. These systems have humidity and temperature monitoring devices installed within so that the perfect conditions are maintained for comfortable stay.

Many companies are now manufacturing these data loggers to cater to the increasing demands from various industries for humidity and temperature monitoring and recording.



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