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Hello everyone. My interest are Going to church first\' and reading the bible. Spending time with my wife and kids, watching my favorite tv shows such as, all the c.s.i shows, and any movies by clint eastwood, harrison ford, morgan freeman. I also love to listen to gospel music, easy listening jazz, and old school. I also love meeting new people on all the social sites, learning and finding new ways to network on the internet and meeting honest people with integrity, not scammers.
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Hi everyone' my name is earnest and i look forward to making many friends here!

Immigration–A human concern

May 31st 2011 at 8:45 PM

Despite the current rhetoric, the flow of millions of illegal workers to this country has not yet created an economic crisis, a political crisis or a national security crisis. It has, however, created a moral crisis. Right now, millions are suffering, and that is not a status quo we should settle for. Every summer, in Texas and other border states, migrants from Latin America die horrible deaths. While crossing barren lands, they fall victim to dehydration or fatigue. They suffocate in the backs of packed trailers and railroad cars. Yet, even in the face of life-threatening situations, they still come by the millions. Why?  Two reasons: Their own countries encourage them to leave, and we encourage them to come. The motivation for allowing undocumented aliens into the united states ranges from corruption to compassion. Politictians turn a blind eye to the situation to avoid losing votes from the Hispanic community. We like to give people in need an opportunity to succed, and we know that the vast majority of those coming accross the border are decent, hard working people who are simply trying to learn valuable trades and improve their familie’s lives. Illegal immigration will continue to be a problem as long as the economic and political conditions in the United States are drastically better than those in neighboring countries.  Long term good for the whole population will only when we reform our immigration laws to provide a clear pathway to citizenship, secure the borders and pressure failed goverments to eradicate corruption and pursue aggressive economic policies. Without reform, the human rights of millions will continue to be routinely violated. For the sake of those without a voice either in their home countries or in the United States we must pursue a humane policy of immigration and regional developement. This is the right path because it is right for people.

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Jun 7th 2011 at 11:56 PM by theghostwhotalks
Yet from their own borders they push drugs across everyday, try to dictate changes to present laws in certain U.S.states,so their illegals can come across with no problems.Then their youth populate good towns, threaten good law-abiding citizens and amass gangs,guns and their drug trade. And we are told to ignore the facts,and give them as many chances as they need as they are poor,or third world? No apologies,enough is enough! No more Beaners!

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