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If a person ever gets any indication that his or her habits are turning into a compulsive need, it is better to visit a compulsive disorders psychiatr

Feb 24th 2015 at 9:02 PM

Have you ever been plagued by doubt about your everyday habits or routines? Do your loved ones often tease you or complain about your so called "nagging" habits? Maybe it's high time to get yourself tested for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Obsessive compulsive disorder is mainly an anxiety disorder which is characterised by an intense desire or compulsion to indulge in any type of repetitive or ritualistic behaviour. If a person ever gets any indication that his or her habits are turning into a compulsive need, it is better to visit a compulsive disorders psychiatric clinic Dubai as soon as possible.

Obsessive compulsive disorder can indeed be a spot of worry for many people. These habits start to disrupt their day to day lives and can also sow widespread discord in their family. It sometimes even grows to become a kind of addiction in a person. However, a person should not rush to a conclusion as soon as he or she detects some of the symptoms. Most of the addictions treatment centre Dubai, UAE are of the opinion that the victims of obsessive compulsive disorder can be characterized and classified according to their traits. The "washers" are deathly afraid of any form of contamination and resort to maintaining excessive cleanliness in their house. They even repeatedly wash their hands raw in the fear that some germs might be left behind.

The "checkers" tend to repeatedly check things like locks or gas knobs due to persistent safety concerns in their heads. The "doubters and sinners" are afraid of the divine judgement and they think that if they don't do a particular thing in a particular way, horrible things would start to happen. The "counters" love symmetry and counting and tend to arrange or count everything in order for it to be more symmetric. The "hoarders" do not throw away old stuff and keep storing things that they no longer need or use.

The fact to be understood over here is that each and every one of these problems are different from each other and need to be countered in different ways. The experts from addictions treatment centre Dubai, UAE say that therapy, along with correct medications, can help to reign in OCD. Nevertheless, if a person is in doubt that he or she might be suffering from OCD, he or she should refer a compulsive disorders psychiatric clinic Dubai. These clinics have a number of experienced practitioners who would be able to provide expert advice and guidance to a person.

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