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Human shit Chips - Power criminal and social deprivation.

May 17th 2011 at 7:22 PM

Postmodern hell of postmiseria, by sociologist Rafael Bayce published by the University Vale do Sinos (Unisinos) in 2007 made important observations on new forms of society and its impact on objectives set out from jail for "Marcola" (Dante Marcola - Head of PCC Paulista in an interview with Arnaldo Jabor, where Bayce captures the culture of "lumpenculto."

Marcola From prison sentence: It is impossible. There is no solution to current social issues (2007). Manichaean realistically, Marcola distinguishes between "us" - the inmates - and "Voices you" those who are outside, free. Voices are afraid to die, not me. Death is a Christian drama, a patient in a bed, a heart attack. Death for us is a "stiff newspaper thrown into a ditch (filled with lead, cold cuts, burns Stock (Mexico 2011).

Intellectuals and ideologues are not talking about a class struggle where Marginal (criminal) and the hero, no more exploited proletarians, poor wretches, a third option has grown in the mud growing settlement in absolute illiteracy, graduating in the allien monster jails. We are facing a kind postmiseria generating a new culture killer, aided by technology, satellites, cellular, Internet, modern weapons. Chips is human shit, Megabytes. My commands are a mutation of a social species, it multiply like mushrooms cultivated by dirt and bugs. We are a modern, rich. You are part of a molten state run by incompetents. We are not afraid of death. You are scared to death. We are on the attack you on defense. You go through fads humanists, we are cruel and merciless. PC transforms into superstars of crime, we turn them into clowns. Poor people help us out of fear or love. You are hated. The army can fight (Rio 2011). Have no prospect of 'success (medium term). I'm reading Klausewitz (theory of war). We are devouring ants hiding in the dirt. We have anti-tank weapons, to Stingers and we can have such a dirty bomb. Ipanema imagined and radioactive?. I'm smart and I read. 3000 books I read and read Dante. You need to do a self-criticism of their incompetence and conclude: "Lasciate ogni speranza voi che entrate!. Lose hope, we are all in Hell.

We have a lot of dough, you Cren that whoever has a $ 40 million Beira-Mar, and does not demand that he sings with 40 sticks gringos? (Fernando Beira Mar, was held in Uruguay). The prison is a hotel, an office desk. What police are going to attack the gold mine? Realize?.

Bayce, like any citizen, sees the new approach of this social actor.

Quoted Claus Offe, who said that social policy is an attempt to wage labor is seen as desirable, attractive or worthy compared to other alternatives that are surely more lucrative, though more risky. To provide benefits to the labor and capital (investment) to grow the importance of the rule, for games played and alternated in government ....

But still Bayce, begging to pay much better than the formal market. Prostitution, drug trafficking, smuggling: of bodies, weapons, children and women are rational choices go much further. More than formal employment, without timetables or aggressive patterns.

Generates more excitement, adrenaline and fun as the famous "include" proposals .... Remember to Nietzsche: the moral is a resource of the weak. We rent babies for begging. Repetition is encouraged in school to continue to charge ... charge for disability, are encouraged to play soccer (in case you get a pass) and not waste time studying.

Nothing new, what to and passed by: Baudrillard, postmodernity Castel and described by Marcola and as stated by Bauman - outcasts of modernity -.

... ... ... ...

Well, Bayce says: We are witnessing the spread, in part desperate, partly rational, partly proud, challenging and appealing. Dante's hell is the update on the postmiseria postmodern product perverse collateral damage expected or partially bypass the seed of modernity.
Postmodern hell of postmiseria

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