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How To Shop With Wholesale Bed Sheets Suppliers?

Jun 24th 2015 at 6:16 AM

No matter with whom you are dealing, when it comes to bed linen, many people think only thread counts is important point to consider. No doubt thread count makes a big difference when it comes to comfort, luxury and a good night’s sleep. It is only the indicator of quality or softness. But thread count alone must not be considered for the quality bed linen. There are several other factors that one must consider including-




Make a decision about which material for sheets is apt for your lifestyle. Cotton is the most common, but there are others also like silk, linen, bamboo, microfiber etc. Every material differs from the other.


• Linen- softer, more breathable and textured but tends to wrinkle more

• Silk: soft but more slippery

• Microfiber: man-made Vs natural.


The list goes on when you decide what feel you’d like.


Thread count:


Determines number of threads running both horizontally or vertically. The Higher thread count, softer the sheets. A few considerations to keep in mind:


• With cotton 400 seems to be a good number to look for. You’ll definitely notice the difference

• Some manufacturers have different ways to increase the thread count without increasing the quality of the product.

• Number of threads depends upon the fiber that’s used. The thinner the fibers, higher the thread counts.


Fiber Quality:


• Cotton- polyester blends- durable and wrinkle resistant, inexpensive

• 100% cotton: get a cool, soft feel, fiber wicks moisture away from your skin

• Long staple cotton: softer sheet


The other words like ‘Egyptian long-staple’,’pima’, and Supima all denote high quality long fibers.




Each way produces a different feel, different ways to weave thread into fabric:

Weaving techniques create:


Standard weave:


• Follow one stitch over, one stitch under pattern


• Blend of natural fiber and cotton. It has its four stitches over, one stitch under pattern.

• Aren’t as durable as the standard weave, feel softer


Pinpoint weave:


• The method stitches two over one, one stitch under feels softer, then, but not as soft as sateen.


Twill weaves:


• One of the distinctive line patterns is recognized by its more resistant to wrinkles than others.




After they are woven, many sheets are chemically treated to decrease wrinkles and increase their strength. The softest colored or patterned pieces, including jacquard weaves are made up of yarn dyed fabrics woven from colored yarns.


Making a comfortable bed:


• The Best fabric for you

• Mattress topper for comfort  and better  sleep

• Choose a bedspread

• The versatility of the pillows


Choosing spring bedding:


• Different mattress size

• Pick a material

• Be aware of allergies

• Go lightweight

• Let it bloom


Think about the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in, what comes to your mind? If it’s the sheets, then it might be that you are in the good company. As they come in direct contact with your skin, sheets are important in taking you to a dreamland.


WG Fabs are always there to cater your needs regarding your home. The wholesale bed sheets suppliers come up with its varied range that determines superior quality. They are a collection of mix and matched with numerous vivid colors to give your bed a striking appearance.


Article Source:- http://goo.gl/nTVd9q

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