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I really do not have any business that I
do avidly. I spend a lot of hours in front of this computer because I absolutely
love what I do on the internet. People really enjoy and learn from my website,
and I find that very gratifying
Since I spent the better part of my
life trading physical labor for money just to pay the bills, using technology to
supplement my income really intrigues me
I Have developed a lifetime love affair
with Dogs and Dog Agility. I truly enjoy this very fast growing Sport Here in
the U.K.. It gets you out and about in all weathers and of course in the winter
there are venues Indoors,so it is an all year round persuit! and good excercise
for you and your doggies
I enjoy combining MotorCaravanning with
doggie jumping and that makes the most out of the Weekends and sometimes Weeks
away from home.
Don Goldwyn | d4k9z

How to REALLY Learn Guitar

Jun 30th 2011 at 9:18 AM




How To REALLY Learn Guitar


Listen, I get asked to review guitar courses

all the time. I never even tell you about most

of them because I usually don't feel like

they live up to my standards. But this is



I recently got my hands on a course called,

"Jamorama - Ultimate Guitar Learning

Package " I thought the name sounded a little

"hyped" up. I mean, "ultimate"? Come on.

Anyway, I downloaded the course.


I read the description of each chapter and I

decided I'd try the "lead guitar" lessons first.

After only a few minutes, I gotta admit I was

impressed by what this course was teaching:

the CAGED method!


Now, I only know a handful of guitarists

who even know what the CAGED method is.

Much less how to actually teach it. (By the

way, in case you're not familiar with CAGED,

it's basically a way to play the entire fret board

in just 5 scale shapes. And if you want to learn

lead, it's crucial.)


So, this really grabbed me. I thought, "Ok,

I gotta pay attention here. This could get

interesting!" And it did. :-)


Actually, I ended up going through the entire

course that same day. And, I gotta admit

this is GOOD stuff. And that’s just one of the

courses included in the package.


- Beginner’s course covering all the essential

topics and skills in step-by-step lessons that

you sounding good, fast...

- Advanced course that teaches you advanced

strumming techniques and introduces dynamics

to your playing.

- Chord and Riff kit designed to give you instant

riff recall to get you playing in any situation...

- Tuning guide and software tuner

- Acoustic focus lessons including finger-style

and country music.

- Lead licks lessons that get your repertoire up

so you sound like a pro.

-  Advanced learning techniques course that

get you learning efficiently, dramatically decreasing

your learning time...

- SongPond ‘Starter Pack’ that gives you a

membership to the song lesson website SongPond

and 12 free song lessons. They have license to teach

famous artists songs like the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix

and all the classics.  (very cool)

- Software Learning Games and Tools Package including

games that get you reading and recognizing music

and chords instantly so you can play songs right

off the radio!

Wow, just reading back over that list - this course

comes with A LOT of good stuff.

Now there were two things I didn't really

like about this course...

1) Some of the camera work isn't great. For

example, sometimes the instructor will be

speaking and you only see the guitar, not

his face. This makes is a little strange

because you're looking at a guitar but you

hear a voice. But the videos have animated chord changes and

strumming patterns that make up for that. No big deal.

2) It's on the expensive side. But, on the

other hand you usually get what you pay for,


And because you're a loyal email subscriber

of mine, I contacted the guy and worked out

a special price for you. And, I got them to

agree to a massive 50% discount!

IMPORTANT: You can ONLY get this special

discount during the 4th July promo (So, don't

wait for a week or you will miss out)


Use this link to view this amazing deal:



Bottom Line:



If you really want to learn how to play

guitar, this is THE course to help you

get there. And with the special discount

and offer I worked out for

you, it's a no brainer! But you need to

hurry because this is a limited offer.

Go Here To View the Deal!!


P.S. This is a limited time offer. It won't

be around long. So, go get it

right now. Because I'd hate for you to kick

yourself for missing out.


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