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How to Protect Your Child from a Bicycle Accident

Mar 19th 2015 at 12:14 AM

Learning how to ride a bike is an exciting time in any child's life. It signals the first feelings of independence, and it's invigorating to be able to go too fast, propelled by one's own energy. Parents are excited, as well, but for their child's achievement. But along with that excitement comes a sense of worry; allowing a child to venture out on his or her own comes with a certain amount of risk. Bicycle accidents can cause injury, and hundreds of children get into bicycle accidents every year. There are certain steps parents can and should take to prevent these accidents, so children can have a fun time on their bikes while remaining safe.

The cardinal rule of bicycle riding is that you should wear a helmet. Helmets were not popular in years past. They were seen as uncool. But these days, as biking has become more popular among adults, children have started to wear helmets. Helmets dramatically decrease the risk of head injury in a bicycle accident. Often, when someone is in a bicycle accident, they hold up the crushed bicycle helmet as proof. That crushed helmet got the force of a blow that would have gone to the rider's skull. If your children do not want to wear a helmet, stress the importance of safety and illustrate how it could save their life. You might also consider buying them a helmet with a design that they prefer so they will be more likely to like it and wear it.

The second thing parents can do to prevent their children from getting into a bicycle accident is to prevent the accidents from happening in the first place. Good rules of the road go a long way in preventing accidents. Make sure your children know how to ride bikes along with traffic. Make sure they know the appropriate hand signals and are able to use them. Also make sure they know what to stop at stop signs and are able to identify four-way and two way-stops. Most of all caution children to not drive recklessly.

Many bicycle accidents happen because cars could not see the bicyclist. That's why it's important that the bicyclist wears bright or reflective gear and equips his or her bicycle with lights at night. Make sure your children have access to extra batteries in case the batteries in the lights go dead.

The tips can help keep your child safe while riding a bike.

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