How To Properly Construct An Essay For Any Academic Class

May 26th 2015 at 11:25 PM

It is important to know how to construct and write an essay because it is the main tool used to determine your mastery of any academic material that you are taught. An essay is a literary work that postulates a claim, a concept or an idea and goes ahead to defend it with supporting statements and even examples.

There is a basic logical pattern that has been followed over the ages to represent a flow of ideas that can be easily followed. This includes an introductory paragraph that often makes the claim, the main body that supports the claim and a conclusion which is a summary of the main statement made and its supporting arguments. Obviously, there are many types of essays and literary compositions that will have slightly different formats depending on their subject matter and the issues that they are addressing, but the basic format mentioned above will be consistent with most essays whether they are essays on English literature, sciences and even mathematics classes. More importantly, you cannot avoid writing essays in your academic life and you should therefore make all efforts to master the art of writing a good essay.

The first important step when writing an essay is to start with an introduction. It doesn’t matter is you are writing a UK essays, US essay or an Australian essay. The idea is the same. You need to capture the readers interest, introduce the topic that you will be discussing and make a claim or a personal opinion that you need to defend in the main part of the essay. All these things should be accomplished in the first paragraph of the essay. In short, the flow of your introduction should be to hook the reader with an initial statement that will encourage them to read on. Then, the next few sentences should explain the first sentence and prepare the reader for your claim or opinion in the last sentence of this paragraph. By this time your reader should want to find out more about your claim or opinion by reading the rest of the essay.

The body of the essay is the next major part of your essay. If you are writing a five paragraph essay, the body will contain three paragraphs each expressing a single idea with evidence or supporting statements to substantiate the claim or opinion or idea made. In order to make the flow of the essay seamless from one idea to the next, it is important to use certain transition words and phrases to flawlessly segue from one topical idea to the next. The format of the paragraphs in the body of your essay should be an initial statement, then a supporting idea, followed by a transitional statement. This leads us to the final paragraph of the essay. The conclusion is where you re-assert your main claim, made in the introduction, and then summariize the main supporting points that you made in the body of your essay. when I write my essay, I also make sure that I go back to the claim or opinion in the first paragraph and ensure that it is consistent with the supporting paragraphs in the main body of my essay. If it is not, I simply adjust the statement to suit the supporting statements.

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