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How To Play Basketball The Right Way

Dec 7th 2015 at 11:37 PM

Successfully shooting a basketball can be a frustrating task. However, with practice, and the right technique it is a skill that can easily be mastered. While there are many ways to shoot a basketball in this article we will cover the standard "jump shot". The two most important things when shooting a basketball are form and force.

You have to make sure you apply the right amount of force to throwing the ball in relation to your distance from the basket. In addition without the proper form, you will simply lob the ball off into the distance with no real target. Let's begin by describing the form. Proper form begins in your feet. Your feet should be almost shoulder length apart and slightly staggered, with your dominant, or "shooting foot" forward. This will help you to achieve a balance of weight distribution when preparing to make the shot. This technique will focus on those who are dominantly right handed, but a left handed person could easily benefit from this technique by simply switching the techniques described to fit their comfort. Having your right, or dominant foot, forward will also benefit the accuracy of your shot, because you will be using your right hand to deliver the force to propel the basketball.

Make sure to keep your knees loose and slightly bent. Locking your knees will not only hinder your ability to jump to make the shot, but will also concentrate your muscle tension in your legs which is where we DO NOT want it to be. Choose a stance that is relaxed and comfortable for you. Once you decide on exactly how it feels for you to have your feet positioned, practice this way every time you shoot, so that you can train your muscle memory to instantly go to this position without having to think about it.When holding the ball, place your dominant hand slightly to the top and right side of the ball, with your supporting hand underneath and to the left. Your left hand will be your "aiming hand", and will aid you in accuracy.

You want to imagine that your left hand and arm will be like an arrow, pointing exactly where you'd like the basketball to go. Wherever you "point" with that hand, the basketball will follow. It is up to your right hand to deliver the shot to that destination. Bring the ball back slightly toward your hip into your "shot pocket", a few inches above your waist on your "shooting side". Make sure your elbow is positioned underneath the ball. In one motion, bend your knees, make a slight hop into the air while raising the ball to eye level. At the height of your jump, push the ball from your hand, throwing the ball at a slight arc upward, aiming for the point that your left hand is pointing to. As a beginner, you should always aim for the center of the square in the middle of the backboard. You can find more info here

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