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How to look after your John Deere hydraulic pump

Jul 6th 2015 at 2:34 AM

If you have a John Deere hydraulic pump, you have a reliable, tough, working monster on your side. These pumps are very durable and very much the tool of preference among experts. They can handle huge workloads, for decades. They’re not just famous historically; they’re still top quality machines, perfect for the really hard jobs.

The trick with the best John Deere hydraulic pumps is proper maintenance and care. The heavy duty stresses placed on these machines eventually cause issues. Housings may respond to years of work, and crack. The hydraulics mechanisms usually experience a slow but progressive fall off in performance, like all hydraulics. Parts, too, can be an issue. Even these hard case machines typically need parts replacements over time.

Regular servicing by John Deere specialists is the easy way to keep your faithful monster in top condition. You need people who really know the John Deeres, understand the working specifications of these machines, and know how to do a full restoration.

For an example of a top of the line specialist service, there’s a company called Kin Tec Industries in Missouri which is a do-it-all service. They even have precision parts, and their own machine shop to ensure top quality work and perfect fits. They work with the best John Deere pumps, using purpose-built technologies to make new parts for the pumps.

If you’re a hydraulic pump expert yourself, you’ll appreciate the type of work they do. They start by carefully disassembling the pumps, checking for housing issues with a magna flux, and systematically evaluating the maintenance issues. This is the “belt and suspenders” approach to working with a high performance system, and it’s also the way to ensure that the pumps are fully operational with no flaws when they come back in to service.

For more information, and a very reassuring look at real pro services for your John Deere, check out their website here at If you need help with your pump, or would like to talk to an expert about specific issues, you can contact them online or by phone.

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How to look after your John Deere hydraulic pump

Sep 7th 2015 at 4:25 AM

There are very few brands as popular as John Deere. Generations of Americans love this brand, which has true Americana status for its reliability and longevity. John Deere is synonymous with hard work and extraordinary durability on the job. That said; you need to look after your John Deere, and keep it in good working order.

When it comes to hydraulic pumps, the John Deeres areultra-tough. The only real problem is that these big strong work horses are also subject to the incredible pressures and strains of their work. Over time, the stresses and strains build up to cause minor damage which if not corrected can lead to major problems.

Best practice for John Deere owners is to be ahead of the game. The good news for owners is that the John Deere radial hydraulic pumps and John Deere hydraulic systems can be kept up to their fabulous best by specialists. This is a classic case of an ounce of prevention being worth a ton of cure. All you need to do is schedule a regular maintenance check.

When we say “specialists”, we mean real John Deere fans, experts with John Deere equipment. We found a company called Kin-Tec Industries based in Missouri, which is a very good example of the sort of expertise you need to look after your John Deere.

These guys are true dedicated John Deere experts. There’s not much they don’t know about John Deere hydraulic pumps, and they even precision manufacture replacement parts for these fabulous machines.

It’s worth checking out how they do this very important maintenance work. What they do is they completely disassembled pump, clean it, check seals, and basically do a forensic maintenance job. This is exactly what the John Deeres need; the cleaning work is essential, and the seals must be in perfect condition for the pump to work out 100% efficiency. It’s a good, no-nonsense approach to maintenance of these machines.

It’s also very cost-effective – they can do a complete overhaul and maintenance job on high-end pumps like a John Deere AR103033, saving their clients a lot of money upfront on replacements.

For more information, and to see the sort of top quality service that your John Deere needs to perform at its best, visit their website here at

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