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want to know how to improve your golf score fast? Practice putting!

How to Improve at Golf – More ideas.

Jul 15th 2010 at 3:39 AM

So, you want to know how to improve at golf? This question is asked by every golfer, be they first time amateur or seasoned pro. Whether they play for fun or they are on the PGA Tour, it doesn’t matter. We all want to know how to improve at golf!


Golf can look like the most complicated sport in the world if you peer too deeply at it, lots of clubs, a course of obstacles, the weather, your swing, so many things to think about and worry over.  In essence you use various clubs to hit a ball from a start point (the tee) to an end point  (the hole) eighteen times on a course and the winner is the one who hit his ball the fewest times. This simple explanation is the one to keep in your mind whilst you play.


The game is more like a martial art than other sports, requiring you to focus your mind and train your body to achieve the desired result. It doesn’t matter if you can not afford the most expensive clubs, (cost does not make them the best!) what matters is that the clubs you have are serviceable. If they are correctly aligned, no twisted heads and the grips are good (an inexpensive part of the club to replace and something you should do at least every other year depending on how often you play!) then you can beat any other player with any other equipment.


Two “tricks” that you can use together are these. Firstly, always play the percentage shot. That is, if you know your game, your strengths and weaknesses, then you know which shots you are more likely to “make”. For example always play to the biggest part of the green unless you are confident of playing to near the flag. This may sound obvious but you will be amazed by the number of people who try to play to the flag from positions that they shouldn’t! (Even some players who should know better!)

The second trick is to spend extra time practising your putting. You will be stunned by how much your score improves if you start one and two putting each green! When I was a boy my dad taught me this, if you are more than twenty feet from the hole, then imagine a circle around the hole that is three feet in diameter and try to stop your long putt inside this circle. You still aim at the hole but if you do not sink the long putt and the ball stops inside the imaginary ring then you congratulate yourself on making a two putt. Then practice, practice, practice on the putting green on three foot putts so that you can make them with your eyes closed!


Keep practising your swing and keep doing stretching exercises. The fitter and more flexible you are the better and more consistent your golf swing will be. Always do a “warm up” before playing, be that a round or just on the driving range, this will help to prevent muscle pulls and tears. And if you haven’t played for a while, make sure you take it easy until your muscles are fully warmed through….believe me, you do not want to pull the muscles between your ribs, it hurts more than if you break a rib and takes longer to heal! This is the voice of experience and I wouldn’t want to wish that on anybody!


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