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How To Choose A Video Production Company To Create Your Business Video

Jun 4th 2015 at 4:21 AM

In my business I am often the second or third production company people have come to. I've heard a lot of horror stories from my clients about previous experiences with other video companies. So here are some of the things you should be looking for when choosing a video company to do your project.

Watch examples of their work. This sounds like a no-brainer but I am always surprised that people don't see the quality of work a company has done before hiring them! Watching examples of a company's work is the best way to see, quite frankly, if they have any talent.

All video companies are different. They have different equipment, gear, cameras, and skill sets. Many are nothing more than a guy with a camera, tripod and some lights. If that is all you need, fine. But if you are looking for a more professional video then you will need a company with the right tools for the job. You will be able to tell when you watch examples of their work as to what they are capable of producing.

Beware of Demo Reels. Never-ever base your decision on the "demo reel" alone. A demo reel is basically a highlight video of a company's work. It is snippets of projects put together that is supposed to be a "demonstration" of their work. I have one myself. The problem with demo reels is that they can be just a hodgepodge of great shots that were never actual video projects. They are just cool shots they have collected and put to cool music. The images might not even be their own work, and is often a video they worked on while in the employ of another company and now claim as their own.

After watching a demo reel be sure to ask to see several of the projects in their entirety that compiled the reel. If you get excuses, or you don't even see the other works on their website? You know to go somewhere else. Either it isn't their work, they just had a small part, it is just a cool shot, etc..

Check References. Another no-brainer, but people just don't do it. You should call a video production company's clients and say "Hi, I am thinking of having a video created and I was wondering what your experience was like working with XYZ Video? Would you do it all over again? Did they deliver what they promised?" Questions like that. This is also a great way to make sure that the work they are claiming is theirs, is actually their work!.

Make sure the company has insurance. This sounds like another no-brainer, but most self employed videographers do NOT have insurance. They don't think they need it. But if the guy you hire doesn't have General Liability insurance and his assistant whacks your secretary on the head with a crane jib guess who pays for her ambulance ride and her hospital stay? You do. Don't waste your time planning, then meeting to discuss the project, getting a quote - just to find out the day of the shoot they don't have insurance. Ask in the beginning and request a copy be faxed by their agent. Don't just take their word for it. Visit a video productions company's location or studio. Is the video company you are considering even a real company? Or is it just a fellow working out of his spare bedroom? Or his parent's basement. A good way to find out is to ask to visit the studio.

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