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For electronic circuit board assemblies, ADCO Circuits is your strategic partner. They serve medical, automotive, industrial, aerospace/military & telecommunications equipment markets.
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How Surface Mount PCB Assembly Exactly Works

Sep 10th 2015 at 11:57 PM

Surface-mount technology or SMT refers to the method of producing electronic circuits where components placed directly onto or mounted on the surface of PCBs or ‘printed circuit boards.’ Electronic device so made are called surface-mount devices. This technology has replaced traditional ‘through-hole’ construction methods, where components are fitted with wire leads the circuit board’s holes. SMT components are usually smaller than through-hole counterparts because they have smaller leads—or sometimes, no leads at all.

There are many advantages to using SMT instead of through-hole techniques:

  • Smaller components
  • Higher component density and more connections per component
  • Fewer holes have to be drilled
  • Lower initial cost
  • Shorter time needed to set up for production.
  • Faster and simpler automated assembly
  • Small component placement errors can be corrected automatically as the molten solder’s surface tension pulls components into alignment using solder pads
  • Lower inductance and resistance
  • Fewer RF signal effects
  • More predictable performance
  • Components can be installed on both sides of the board
  • Superior mechanical performance even under vibration conditions
  • Better EMC performance
  • Smaller lead inductance and radiation loop area
  • SMT parts usually cost less than through-hole parts

Surface mount PCB assemblies have changed the different electronic devices are designed and manufactured. Electrical noise reduction, as well as savings in terms of footprint and weight, are the obvious design advantages. Surface mount technology also allows enhanced shock resistance because it uses lower mass components. SMT and PCB assemblies reduce costs in production and manufacturing while helping maintain control throughout the manufacturing process.

Surface mount PCB assemblies are complicated, requiring specialized skills and equipment. You need to find a company with all the modern tools to ensure expert implementation and quality production of your design. Choose an assembly company with a flawless reputation in electronic contract manufacturing, as well as many years of experience in handling surface mount devices, from 01005 to Micro BGAs as well as QFNs.

It’s more practical (time- and money-wise) to outsource your printed circuit board design’s assembly. Specialists can assemble the prototype faster. In fact, some companies delivers in as short as five business days. Outsourcing surface mount and PCB assembly is also cheaper than hiring and maintaining a manufacturing team in-house.

Be sure to find a reputable PCB assembly and prototyping vendor to get the best value. Choose a company with many years (even decades) of experience and expert-level knowledge. Their manufacturing facility should be updated with the best and latest equipment.

About the Company:
ADCO Circuits offers electronic design and circuit board assembly services to aerospace/military, telecommunications, automotive, industrial/commercial, wireless and medical equipment markets. They provide electronic designing, contract manufacturing, rapid prototyping & PCB assembly services in Michigan. They are an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified and compliant to AS 9100 and ISO 13485.

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