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How Stump Grinding Can Improve Your Landscape

Aug 4th 2015 at 12:47 AM

Tree stumps can present a number of problems for your landscape, and should be removed as soon as practical. Of all the removal methods available, stump grinding is the fastest and easiest, but you should call a professional to handle the equipment and to make sure the job is done right.

Once you have had a tree removed, you are left with a stump. It’s not a good idea to leave it there, because someone could trip over it, and it’s difficult to mow around without some risk of accident. A stump doesn’t look nice, and you can’t use the yard space if it isn’t smooth and flat. If a stump is left in the ground, a new tree may begin to grow on the old one, and not only will this be more difficult to remove, the tree will grow bent and twisted which will ruin the look of your lawn. Weeds grow around what is left and you have a conspicuous spot on the lawn. What is worse, stumps become havens for mice and ants, and once they are at home in the lawn they can just as easily find their way into your house. The stump can also harbor diseases that can spread to other trees.

Chemical removal is messy and may not work; and you have to consider the environmental impact and whether it will damage any other plants in your yard. Cutting with an axe is very time-consuming and doesn’t remove the entire stump to below ground level, and in addition using an axe or mattock leaves a huge hole in the lawn. If you burn the stump it will char the ground. Grinding the stump is a method that only takes a couple of hours, and is far more efficient than any other removal method.

Stump grinding is an economical way to improve your grounds; instead of pulling stumps right out of the soil they can be ground down a foot below the topsoil which can then be refilled with dirt and sod. The lawn will be as flat as if no tree had ever been there, and the remains are shredded and can be used as mulch or hauled away. Fresh mulch is a great addition to the yard as it traps moisture which aids the growth of plants, but discourages weeds from growing up underneath. It also makes your yard look nicer.

A stump grinder is a large piece of equipment that can be difficult to use if you are inexperienced, and is costly to rent; hiring a professional ensures the job is done completely and to the right depth, with no harm to surrounding bushes and landscaping. If you are ready to remove the tree stumps that causing problems in your yard quickly and inexpensively, visit this website to learn more about stump grinding in Carlsbad.

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As a long time arborist and landscaper, Mark is dedicated to educating people about the joy that comes from property with healthy, trees and plants. You can find his thoughts at:

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