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How Rodents Can Cause Problems in Your Home

Jul 24th 2015 at 12:45 AM

Rats may seem harmless; they are not aggressive and are small, even cute. If you see a rat or mouse around your home, though, you can be sure they are causing damage and should be immediately removed. They are usually found in the roof, basement, walls and cupboards. The longer they remain in your home the more burrows and nests they will create in different areas of the home, and their population will continue to grow.

In North America, two kinds of rats are common: the Norway rat and the roof rat. The Norway rat is a burrower, and will dig holes in and around your home that can ruin the yard or damage the house structure. Roof rats are climbers and damage the house by chewing on wires and wood.What’s worse, rodents spread disease to people. They can pass pathogens either by biting, although this is rare, or by leaving their droppings in places where people come into contact with them.

The common species of mouse found in homes are the house mouse, found most often in urban areas, the wood mouse, most frequently seen in the suburbs, and yellow-necked mouse, which prefers rural areas.Usually an infestation will begin as the weather turns colder and the rodents look for a warm place to nest for the winter. Mice can damage furniture and the house structure, contaminate food, chew wiring and soil insulation. Mice can squeeze into very small spaces, only the size of a dime, and their urine will permanently damage anything that has had prolonged contact with it.

If you try to remove these rodents yourself using poisons, you can create other problems. Animals that feed on rodents such as weasels and owls can ingest the poison or carry the carcass into another area where other animals can be sickened. Since rodents are intelligent animals and an infestation can spread to many areas of the house that are not easy for you to see or access, you are better off hiring a professional exterminator to deal with the problem. A pest control professional can also deodorize areas where rodents have been nesting; besides the unpleasantness of the smell these odors contain attractants that will bring a new generation of rodents to your house after the previous ones were removed.To learn more about rodent proofing in Mountain View, visit this website.

Author Bio:

David has over 10 years of experience dealing with Pest Control situations. You can find his thoughts at pest prevention blog on Blogspot.

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