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How Packaging Works

Sep 14th 2015 at 3:37 AM

Plastic packaging manufacturers are an industry whose importance cannot be stated in plain words. Everything available in every store in this world is sold in a cover manufactured by these product packaging companies. The process is not as complicated as it may seem, but it does not hide the fact that a lot of thought goes into packing a product in a cover worthy for containing it. Designing a cover requires a lot of brainstorming because it needs to be something that protects, advertises and beautifies the product at the same time. There are many techniques that go into manufacturing packaging containers for different products like custom food packaging, blister packaging, etc.

Speaking of the most popular type of packaging used extensively for a wide range of products, the ace place is swept away by thermoformed packaging. As the name suggests, the process to manufacture such packaging involves the use of heat to generate desired results. The plastic clamshell package usually seen covering products like pen drives, is manufactured through thermoforming. The generalized methodology of thermoforming includes some simple steps through which a plastic sheet has to go in order to come out as a packet that will contain the product it was made for.

In the first step, the plastic sheet is rolled through an indexing mechanism that punches pins into it that makes it easy for transportation through forthcoming processes. In the next step, it is made to undergo heating in an oven, which raises its temperature high enough to allow it to be formed and moulded. In the next section, there are moulds made of wood or aluminium or other suitable materials. The heated plastic sheet is clamped between these stencils and exposed to pressurized air. The pressure from this air causes the soft plastic sheet to take up the shape of the mould that clamps it. This is a fairly easy process to follow, and produces plastic packages in a good enough quality to entrust the products with.

The earth-friendly factor is well accounted for in this method of packaging because of the recycle and reuse principle that is employed. Waste plastics accumulated from various sources are reused and recycled to produce the plastic sheets that go into making packages. This is accomplished using baling machines that grind waste plastic into tiny granules which can then be cast into new sheets. These sheets made from recycled plastic waste reduce the burden on this planet by reducing the plastic in circulation.

The most sought-after techniques of thermoforming plastics industry is the thin-gauge industry. It follows the process explained in this article. The heavy gauge thermoforming procedure is usually seen in the manufacture of plastics with some functionality. Heavy gauge thermoforming uses processes like vacuum forming, pressure forming and fabrication. The products manufactured using this process are totes and bins, bezels, enclosures, guards, etc. It is basically used to manufacture items that have more of a purpose than just packaging other products.

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