How Metals Are Painted with Powder Coat Automatically?

Apr 8th 2015 at 2:48 AM

Powder coating on metal is a process of protecting metal from rusting. When a piece of metal comes into contact with air and moisture, it starts changing its color. It is due to a chemical reaction that takes place on the surface of the metal.

A specific kind of powder coat is used for covering metal. The paint is sprayed on the metal and the metal is then heated to a certain temperature where the powder coat melts and forms a thin film of protective covering on the metal. It is effective as it makes a uniform protective covering. Also powder coating has other advantages.

Environment friendly: Powder coat contains no toxic substances and nor does it need to be mixed with harmful chemicals. It is used in its raw form and the droppings can be collected for future use.

Cost effective: Powder coat produces no waste as the droppings can be collected and used on metal. In this way, the user pays for the paint used and not sprayed. When there is no wastage, money is saved.

Efficient: It is found that powder coat forms strong protective covering in comparison to wet paint. It provides durable protection as the powder coat can’t be scratched and also it doesn’t peel for long time.

Process of Powder Coating

The piece of metal that is to be painted is first cleaned and dried to remove whatever dust and moisture it has accumulated. When the metal is ready, it is sprayed with a powder coat. The paint is sprayed all over with the help of a spray gun. When the metal is covered with paint, it is kept in a heater until the paint melts and takes shape of a thin film.

Automatic conveyor powder coating is the fastest way of painting metal objects and articles. Automated method can paint hundreds of articles in shortest possible time. The process is managed by machines that prepare metal objects, sprayed the objects with powder coating and puts metal in heater and brings metal pieces out of heater.

Automatic conveyor powder coating is suitable when production outpaces painting process. But automated process is suitable only when the metal pieces are of same size, dimension and weight. A machine can’t difference between objects. It would treat every object in a specific manner, it is programmed for. Manufacturing units that produce hundreds of metal parts of same size and weight take advantage of automated process.

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