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How many types of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch in plastics industry?

Jul 9th 2019 at 4:37 AM

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch has CaCO3 power as the main ingredient that has been constantly supporting humans through the creation of hundreds, thousands of plastic products such as baskets, children's toys, bottles,....In order to produce those products, manufacturers have to understand the properties of each type of plastic - the main raw material that makes calcium carbonate masterbatch. Today, EuP will present briefly four kinds of the most used in plastics industry to create many different widgets in everyday life.

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch bases on 4 types of base plastic

As a mentioned above, Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch is the combination of CaCO3 powder and appropriate additives. Each type will have a distinct characteristic, and these properties will contribute to a significant part in forming the final nature of the finished plastic product. In this article, we will divide the base plastic into 4 main groups that are thermoplastic, solid, hard form and elastic.

Thermoplastic Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch in plastic industry

Before being extruded or blown molds, thermoplastic plastic will be heated for softening and dense when it is cooled. This process will be repeated many times to shape the final product according to the needs of every industry. Thermoplastic plastic is made from PE, PP,... . It also help industry of calcium carbonate masterbatch increase productivity of production as well as reduce production costs.

Thermoset Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch is only heated only once

This plastic is heated once in certain plasticizing conditions and it not only bring a high quality but also the efficiency of the productivity increases dramatically. For example, the epoxy plastic, which is used as a primer because it adhere to other materials very well. In addition, especially in the field of electronics, this calcium carbonate masterbatch has the very good insulation ability as well as the peeling of this plastic are impossible.

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch having hard base plastic is very good durability

For this plastic, the internal molecules are connected to each other and have a very tight network. When you compared to others plastic and this hard plastic, it may be still not changing their physical properties whether heated with a certain temperature. In addition, calcium carbonate masterbatch with hard base plastic can not heat for reusing with different purposes.

Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch having elastic base plastic with near - identical properties of rubber

This elastic plastic can withstand the impact from the external force and it can return to its original shape when no external force. As stated above, the stretchy nature of masterbatch elasticity is very similar to latex so a lot of people have confused about these two types. To distinguish these two types, heat this elastic plastic up, you will find it had a slightly deformation and it will be decomposed automatically when experiencing extremely temperature.

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