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How do Septic Systems Work for Rural Homes?

Sep 19th 2015 at 4:43 AM

Are you considering a move to a rural home out in the countryside and away from the bustling city and neighborhood ordinances? If so, have you thought about how septic systems work for rural homes? While it may not seem like anything to worry about, understanding how these systems work will protect your family and home from dangerous leaks and build ups.

Before you can understand how a septic system works, you need to that know that a septic tank is simply a large steel or concrete tank buried underneath your yard. In rural areas, the houses are built too far apart to connect them to the local sewer system. Your septic tank most likely holds around 1,000 gallons of water. Wastewater enters it through one side and exits out the other. The tank is connected to your home’s plumbing through interconnected pipes running in the walls of your house and underneath your yard.

The next process to understand is the cleaning technology present in the tank. Anytime you wash dishes in your sink, flush a toilet, take a steaming shower or wash your clothes in the washing machine, water is flowing into your septic tank. While some of the waste may sink to the bottom of the tank, some of it may float to the top. The waste floating to the top is called scum and the waste settling on the bottom is called sludge. The bacterium inside your tank breaks down the sludge while the clarified liquid in the middle of the tank slowly seeps through the drain field.

Another important factor in septic systems is the pumping of the tank. This should be scheduled on a regular basis. By calling the professionals of your local septic tank company, you can keep your water supply free from harmful bacteria, disease causing waste and unhealthy drinking water. The pumping of the tank can only be completed by licensed septic workers who control the septic vacuum tanks. These tanks have been specially created to pull out the sludge layer from the bottom of the tank. Once this has been removed, the waste can be safely filtered at another location.

If you are the owner of a rural home with a septic system or are soon moving to a countryside home disconnected from the city sewer system, make sure to contact your local septic professionals to learn more about your tank and toschedule routine maintenance. To learn more about a septic system in Soquel, visit this website.

About the Author:

Bob puts his many years of plumbing experience to good use by writing on various plumbing topics on his blog at Livejournal blog.

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