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How a New York City Car Accident Attorney Can Help Put You Back in the Driver’s Seat

Nov 7th 2015 at 1:10 PM

Having an accident of any kind can be a very scary situation to have to deal with, especially if you sustain serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Car accidents can be especially scary, as serious personal injury and even death may easily occur, due to the heavy weight and high speeds of motor vehicles involved in traffic collisions. 

A major contributory factor for Big Apple residents involved in car accidents is the environment of constant hustle-and-bustle of big city life. This constant fast-paced atmosphere can lead to excessive driving speeds in very high-density traffic, combined with driver inattention. The cumulative adverse effects of those conditions probably account for the notoriously high auto accident incidence in the Greater NYC area. 

Irrespective of whether you travel on foot, bicycle or behind the wheel of an automobile, there’s always a probability of being involved in a car accident that results in serious bodily injury. Although the likelihood of sustaining any injuries at all is significantly lower if you are driving a car as opposed to walking or riding a bike, a chance of being injured in an accident always exists. The faster the flow of traffic and position of impact to your vehicle caused by colliding with another car are major determinants of likelihood and relative severity of sustaining personal injuries.

Indeed, that every-present fact of NYC life has solid documentation in very recent official figures published in the NYPD Motor Vehicle Collision Report Statistics Citywide. As of just less than two months prior to this writing, 38, 628 Big Apple residents were recently involved in car accidents, of which nearly ten percent (3,375) were fatal. More interestingly, the above-cited figure slightly over 38,000 included a whopping 36,095 drivers. Staten Island had the lowest car accident rate with only 1,023 residents recently involved, of which only 173 were fatal. By contrast, Queens had the highest incidence of auto accidents, with 5,531 residents recently involved, of which nearly 1,000 (994) resulting in at least one fatality.

While all NYC motorists are required to carry liability insurance coverage by state law, in many instances, liability policy limits are insufficient to cover all monetary compensation for third-party property damage and personal injury. Moreover, involvement in a serious car accident often leads to emotional disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, that no liability insurance policy covers.

If you ever sustain major bodily injury as a direct result of involvement in a traffic collision, never sign any paperwork or even discuss the accident or your injuries with insurance adjustors until after you obtain legal advice from a qualified New York City Car Accident Attorney. 

This is extremely important, as insurance adjustors have first duty to protect their employers’ best interests, not damaged car accident victims. A common tactic that adjustors employ is pressuring injury damage claimants to accept a fast settlement for a lump sum far less than the true loss sustained in an accident. That ploy often works, because car accident victims are often unable to work, but must still cover exorbitant medical bills, thus creating extremely dire financial straits that they are desperate to alleviate.

These types of gimmicks that insurance carriers and adjustors ply are precisely why it’s vital to have someone on your side working to protect your legal rights and interests. Rather than those of some huge insurance outfit with millions of bucks to burn, but extreme reluctance to pay legitimate damage claims. 

However, an experienced New York City Car Accident Attorney can level the playing field by turning the tables on insurers and adjustors, by merely using the same tactics they employ against them. 

For instance, an insurance company may stall by constantly delaying out-of-court settlement negotiations to avoid paying a hefty but equitable sum. The underlying expectation is that the injured accident victim will eventually succumb and accept whatever paltry sum is offered due to current extreme financial hardship. A seasoned NYC Car Accident Lawyer will reply by saying something like, “Either cough up the amount I’ve proposed, or prepare for a full-blown courtroom circus that will cost your three times as much in legal defense fees!” 

It’s amazing how fast folks act and never laugh when a sick joke will be at their expense, instead of someone else’s. Find out for yourself right now by clicking HERE to arrange a no-cost initial consultation and case evaluation with an experienced New York City Car Accident Lawyer. Then, you may begin to look forward to many hearty chuckles in the very near future!

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