How a Donor Makes Difference in Other’s Life

Aug 20th 2015 at 4:44 AM

Donor is a person who donates for the welfare of an association. However, some people donate to come in good list; they have no intentions of doing anything good to anyone. The donation can be for any association e.g. hospital, orphanage house, old-age homes, libraries etc.

Donation is a secret service but when it doesn’t remain secret then its value decreases but the receivers in order to give them respect carve their names on a board and hang it in the central hall. Only the names of major donors are written. These name written boards or walls are known as Donor Recognition Wall or Donor Wall. It is called so because it gives the recognition to the donors.

Donation doesn’t only mean giving money. Giving anything for somebody’s welfare is termed as donation. It can be food, cloths, books, stuff you don’t use, blood and many more. It is a selfless help and everybody should donate because you never know it may make somebodies life or maybe your donated blood just saved somebody’s life.

Importance of Donation

· There are so many underprivileged students and may be your donation would give wings to their dreams.

· Rare blood group people find it so difficult to find blood bags in emergencies. So, maybe your donated blood will save someone. Blood is something you should donate. Don’t let someone lose their life just because of scarcity of blood. Maybe it is difficult for you to donate money but donating blood is in your hands.

· Donation of organs- You can give your vision after your death by donating your eyes. Just imagine, even after your death your eyes are alive in someone else.


· Donation to old-age homes- Many people don’t have anyone to care for them, however, some has but just for saying. That is why they are in old-age homes, at this stage of life away from their children because their children don’t care anymore and their own parents become burden for them. Help them because at this age they can’t struggle. They are left with short duration of life; try to make it one of their happiest periods.

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