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Hospital Beds For Back Support

Mar 19th 2015 at 10:30 PM

An adjustable bed, which is also called a Semi-Fowler bed, is one that can be adjusted to many different positions, making it easier to find the right sleep position for the most comfort. While there is no medical research around adjustable beds and back pain, they can make a difference for many people.

Many individuals sleep better when they have a slight incline in their mattress. If you’re using pillows to prop yourself up at night, a hospital bed will give you much more support to your spine, which means that you shouldn’t have the same types of aches and pains or stiffness when you wake up. Another sign that a hospital bed is beneficial to you is that you sit with your knees propped up.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

You will see better circulation when you change the position of your head and feet. By alleviating pressure points on your body, you won’t get sores. If you’re spending a lot of time in bed, a hospital bed helps you maintain healthy skin without getting bed ulcers that can be difficult to heal.

A Semi-Fowler bed that adjusts positions is also safer when you are getting in and out of the bed. If you add rails, you have even more assistance to be able to stand up on your own. A bed that raises or lowers lets you come to a standing position from the ideal level that you need. Since everyone is not the same height, this makes it perfect for someone who is taller than most people or shorter and needs to be closer to the ground.

Benefits to Your Caregiver

The person that assists you also appreciates a hospital bed. When changing dressings or tending to your needs, the bed can be raised so that your caregiver isn’t straining their back. Adding other features, like a transfer bar increases the safety of everyone involved so that no one is unnecessarily injured. A hospital bed is also easier to keep clean when there are accidents.

Who Can Use Hospital Beds?

You don’t need a major injury or illness to use a hospital bed. Many pregnant women find they can get a better night sleep at the end stages of their term when they have a hospital bed. Someone who has arthritis and wakes up stiff every morning would benefit from the support of an adjustable bed. Sleeping in an inclined position has been said to help alleviate acid reflux and insomnia, and it can help relieve neck and back tension.

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