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help ONE Series:Greater PC Protection & Security

Apr 20th 2011 at 12:19 AM

Are you fed up with not knowing anything about how to use a computer, and/or how to really prevent annoying adware,spyware,trojans,bots,hijacks,computer freezes,hackers and crackers?

Well don't fear, at last, REAL help IS here!

Hi My Name's Rastanah!

I'm 7 now, very cute, and I want to teach you, the complete beginner, how to do everything with a computer! My Dad said this is a teaser for the book and FULL membership site he is going to create and put up for free/or paying into, as this will be my income back up,business in my future.

A backup if I desperately need to have an income while working from home!My dad has set up all traffic exchanges, and doing all the hard stuff so I won't have to. He says this is a legacy he's leaving me to show me exactly how much he really loves me! I don't know what is a legacy, but one day when I'm older, I'll figure it out! Video on youtube soon!

A certified PC ( that's GEEK for Personal Computer ) technician ( one who fixes,pulls apart,puts back together ) by trade, after several years of personal 'surfing' on the internet, and putting up with a lot of viral attacks,hacks,freezes and having to re-install his Windows Microsoft operating system from scratch(sometimes up to 5 times in 1 day!) Creates a PC protection and security system... A simple step by step video series for the complete beginner to computers,PC protection and security.

My Dad said that most people he's talked to said have said -

"Hey, that's great, but there's 1000's of others online, doing exactly the same thing as you. So what makes your idea any different from theirs?"

He told them..."Well let me tell you...I came up with an extra idea that no one I've come across has thought of yet! Ever! A way that a complete doofee dufus to computers can learn all in 30 days or less, and become like an expert. AND make money from all they learn teaching AND helping others fix their PC problems, from home!"

"Nice...but that still sounds the same as every one else..."

What if I had an extra offer, that no one else has even though of? Ever?

"Wow and what would that be!?"

Well I can't tell you here...It's a business secret! But I can give you a few free tips!

Most free software is rubbish and doesn't deliver what it promises! And they actually let through, a lot of viruses onto your computer. And some of the most popular, high-priced software, are exactly the same!

So usung the method I created, can and will protect you up to 99.98% better than any other system available online today!

"Hang on...hang on a minute...most software reviewers claim their one product can protect a computer up to 100%!? What gives!?"

Well...that's a load of Horse plop! It is a known fact, that NO ONE SOFTWARE can protect your home computer,100%, 100% all of the time. (It's a combination that works better).

After years of personally downloading,and testing,trialling anything and everything I could get my hands on, I had my EUREKA!! moment, and created a system that will not only teach the complete novice to computers,from beginners level to expert,in 30 days or less,but also protect and secure your computer at least 98.99% better,delivering exactly what it promises.

It's true.I swear. No bull***t. At this very moment I am creating a free teaser "How To" e-book, I'm prepared to give away, once it's finished and ready.

But, this article is a pre-teaser too, as I am FIRST looking for responses, BEFORE I continue with the full video series covering  "Computers for novices and PC Protection and security".

So feel free to leave your opinions,thoughts,etc on my "comments".

P.S. thea2zopcs and/or PC101 has just been registered at popnic.com! Videos created soon! Will keep you posted, Face Fans!

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