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Growth of the Peanut Butter Company – A Look Through

Dec 28th 2015 at 7:32 AM

Peanuts have been in use in recipes to add some crunch and flavor to foods since a long time. They have found their way into both sweet and savory foods. Peanut butter was invented in late 1800’s by St. Louis who was a physician. This mouth watering outcome was as a result for a look out for a substitute for people who could not chew meat. The process was later patented by Dr .John Harvey Kellogg who is the founder of Kellogg’s Cereals. The first reported UK supplier of peanut butter was George A Bayle. He has sold it as barrels to the grocery store. The oldest known company is Krema Products and they still sell it till date.

In the 1920’s, it became a major snack of the wealthy people and was mostly sold and advertised in the health spas. It was more seen like a health supplement and sugar was added to the original recipe as an add-on to attract kids. In spite of its use as a spread for breads or buns, there came about several recipes that had peanut butter as an ingredient and this gave the necessary boost for the peanut butter company.

With further research, it was proven that nuts as a whole has several plus points. They contain healthy fats and inclusion of healthy fats is necessary in daily diet plan. Healthy peanut fat is not the kind that makes you gain weight. The savory snack has been found to be jam-packed with 30 vital nutrients. Gluten, Transfat and cholesterol free peanut butter soon replaced chocolate hagel and chocolate spreads. According to reports, most of the United States peanut produce goes into the making of peanut butter. And a surprising fact is that about with a 12 ounce bottle of peanut butter, you would have consumed about 540 peanuts!

In the later years, this simple ingredient became more like the staple food of UK finding its way into every household. Soon after, the simple combination of peanut and salt was innovated into various different flavors and varieties. There are several types of peanuts with the premium Valencia peanuts being the tastiest. There are creamy and chunky ones and one can always find it in the stacked supermarket shelves. With time, several unnatural elements found its way into peanut butter packs and this made people more cautious about choosing the right one safe for health and organic ones are preferred.

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