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Greece News - Reverse The Crisis - Greek News

Jul 17th 2015 at 11:20 AM

A story I heard today from a Greek friend:

"Today my father stood in line outside the bank's ATM for 1 hour along together with another hundred people to extract their weekly allowance out of their retirement of 120 Euros for one week... Others could take only 60 Euros out or 20. This is the Europe we "are" today. He worked for 35 years for this retirement and stayed for extra years to ensure he would have a comfortable pension in his later years. This is all in the Greece News…

Some of the elderly people there have lived through or fought for WW II and a dictatorship in Greece and worked very hard to have a descent future and now they can't even afford their bare necessities or their medication."

Not a lot of people know the actual reality of Greece the last 5 years and what the crisis has created for the country (Greek News). People don't necessarily know that Greek's salaries were cut off 30-40% just because and unemployment skyrocketed up to 50% for the youth these last years. They don't know that they have been taxed on whatever they could have been taxed on, from electricity, to water, to their mortgage, to gas for heat in the winter, brand new taxes for owning a house or a business. All of that of course to pay the "debt" back we owe which pretty much only saved the banks that were in trouble.

What people don't know is that that system resulted in having over 500.000 businesses close down, people were unable to pay for their homes so they lost them, some became homeless, there were children fainting at school as they had not eaten in 4 days, thousand of homes without electricity or heat since 2012, there were incidents of children dying in their sleep as they were sleeping by a pit of fire to stay warm at a winter night and the chemicals suffocated them. Pretty unreal? It is true. It’s in the Greece News!

The suicides became a daily phenomena to hear in the news averaging to 4-6 a day, hundred of thousands emigrated among them great minds and scientists that had no future as a doctor now in Athens makes 1000 Euros, workers' rights were violated continuously and human rights is something that seems to have vanished for 5-6 years now. "The amount of destruction in this short period of time is incomprehensible" say The Greek News.

For more about Greece News - Greek News Visits:

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