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Great Ways to Use Aluminium Foils in Your Home Other Than To Pack Lunches

Apr 13th 2015 at 2:19 AM

Aluminium foils can have other meaningful uses in your home other than to keep your food warm. Their use is not only limited to inside your kitchen but outside as well.

Uses of Aluminium Foil around the House

1. Parents with young kids can spread a layer of aluminium foils between the mattress and the bed sheets to protect the mattress from getting soiled. The layer of foil will stop any moisture from entering the mattress.

2. If your pet keeps settling on your expensive couch, place a layer of aluminium foil on the couch or on whichever piece of furniture you have and see your pet finding it uncomfortable to settle nicely on the couch with the foil on it. This will lead to your pet finding another comfortable place somewhere else sparing your dear couch.

3. Leftover foil can be used to sharpen your home or office scissors. Just fold the foil into several layers and cut them using the scissor you want to sharpen. This will sharpen the cutting edges of your scissor.

aluminium foil

4. Aluminium foils can be used for cleaning your jewelry. Take a small bowl and use the foil to cover the inside walls of the foil. Add some hot water into the bowl followed by a teaspoon of bleach-free powder detergent (laundry detergent would be fine). Soak your jewelry in the solution, wash it and let it dry and watch your jewelry regain its lost shine.

5. Many times it can be very difficult to move heavy furniture around the house, or they make a lot of noise. Slip in a big enough piece of aluminium foil under the legs of the furniture and move around your furniture easily. This method however works only on smooth floors.

6. You can reduce the effort and electric cost of your ironing by placing a layer of aluminium foil on your ironing board. This helps in reducing the loss of heat which occurs due to the absorption by the board itself. The foil will reflect back the heat making it easier to smooth-out the wrinkles on the clothes you iron.

7. You can use aluminium foils to build sun boxes and seed incubators for your garden area. These are great for capturing the sunlight and heat of the atmosphere. Your plants and seeds will grow nicely even in a cool environment.


Aluminium foil can also be used in many other different ways. Aluminium is a light metal that is a good conductor of heat and electricity and therefore used to manufacture different types of products for industrial, commercial and home use. Aluminium foil manufacturers in India and manufacturers of other products use processes like aluminium extrusion and rolling to create a large variety of aluminium based products.

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