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Getting The “Best” Out of Strip Clubs

Aug 16th 2016 at 10:45 AM

Many people visit strip clubs just to have a great time watching the dancers perform whether on stage or on their laps. Strips Clubs are the perfect destinations whether you just want to have fun with the dudes or a stag party. If you are the looking for a way to escape the things that make your life stressful, then find time to breathe, go to a striptease club, and have fun as you revel in the beauty of strippers who will surely turn your night hot. Even if you are alone, you’ll never feel lonely when you are in the company of strippers.

How to Choose the Best Strip Club in Your Area

Deciding which strip club is best for you can be as difficult as pulling as down the skies, but should it be really that difficult? There can be plenty of clubs in your area and they might even appear to be the same from the outside, all you need to do is know exactly where you should go.

The first and important thing for you is to know exactly what amenities you are seeking in a strip club. You should properly look into your options, you need to consider the quality of service, the dancers available, and of course, the prices. Just as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You need to know whether you are looking for fully nude or topless, Mega club or Hometown strip clubs, the hottest girls, would you be requiring VIP rooms or Private Luxury Suites? All these questions will help you determine the best striptease club to go to as they are relative to your needs.

Another thing you can do is try out a few places. Yes, you can check out a different clubs in your area every once in a while because you never know when you’ll find your best choice. Also, never take advice from taxi drivers seriously because some of them don’t care which place you attend, all they care about is the money you pay them. Another thing you shouldn’t do is look for reviews of strip clubs online because most of them are fake!

What to expect as a First timer and How to Make the Most out of Strip Clubs

Whether you’re a regular, or just going to a strip club for the first time, the first thing you should do at a place you are new to is ask about their rules and regulations. This can save you a lot of trouble and confusion and maximize your enjoyment. Each place has its own set of rules, so don’t just assume that you know the rules because you’ve been to other clubs before.

Cash… Hey, you also need to take enough cash with you! There’s no doubt about it that stripping is mostly about cash. If you don’t have enough cash, then you can’t enjoy the night to the fullest. It also helps you to ensure that you don’t go over your budget or pay unnecessary service charges at the club.

Another thing you must be aware of is your dressing. For strip clubs, the rules of dressing vary from one place to another. Some places require customers to wear tucked-in collared shirt collars, and some allow untucked collared shirts. The most important thing however, is to look clean and fresh. You can get some fresh perfume or stock up on some breath mints to help you get more attention from the dancers. And make sure to tip each of them a few dollars for their wonderful performances.

Door Charges: If you are a regular at strip clubs, then you’ll know what door charges mean. Most of them charge fees at the door and they can even increase them during large conventions.

How to Avoid the Bad After Effects of going to a Strip Club

Do not bring your girlfriend to a strip club if she is clearly jealous or uncomfortable. She won’t make eye contact with the dancers and even if she does, she’ll only be giving them dirty looks. Also, to make sure your new date doesn’t catch you, be sure to take a shower when you get home from a striptease club to avoid smelling of a stripper when you are with her.

If you are the classy type, leave your wallet chains, elaborate belts, embellished shirts, and Carhartts at home. Don’t carry your wallet in your front pocket as you’ll be asked by most strippers to take it off before they start a dance. When you do, there’s every chance that you forget it before you leave. Erotic entertainment is something that can pounce on all your money without you realizing it, so enjoy it with caution!

How to Behave Properly in a Strip Club

When you are at a Strip club, remember you are only there to enjoy yourself and there is a code you need to obey, this way you’ll avoid being thrown out of the place or disrespecting the dancers. Here are some of the rules you need to follow.

Be Polite… Using unkind words and being disrespectful is against the code of conduct. If you indeed want to start a conversation, you can be generous and buy her a drink. If you are not interested and you need to turn her down, you can turn her down politely and she won’t bother you again.

No grabbing… Unless you’ve been given permission, don’t touch the dancers or servers in strip clubs. Relax, never get too impressed by her hotness that you crumble and lose your control.

Learn to tip… Remember that stripping is all about the money, and tip accordingly. Tipping generously will make the dancers pay even more attention to you and spend more time with you. If you are on a really tight budget, $1 per dance would do to ensure you have a wonderful time in any club.

Appreciate Her Performance… Try to clap and smile as much as possible. Never complain about her performance, she dances to what she likes to dance to. Be generous to the dancers because they are trying hard to give you a good time.

Stay off the dance floor… Doing this would mean distracting the dancer and the club management definitely do not want that. Also, depending on the rules of the strip club, you might need to avoid using your phone to take photos or videos of the dancers.

Understand the Rules of the Club… From state to state, and city to city, different clubs have different regulations. Be sure to seek information about the place from the dancers or even the management if possible.

How to pick up a stripper you are interested In

Picking up strippers in strip clubs is a lot different from picking up women at a regular bar or club. Remember that these girls are there to make money, so if you are acting like you are not going to pay, then she’s just going to leave the table. Have the right mindset when you go into the club, and walk around the place like a pro, don’t go around looking to pay for a dance.

Keep yourself under control and your eyes off her body, instead, maintain eye contact. Build rapport with her, connect with her, and somehow, get her phone number, although this part might not be easy. When you’ve done all this, work out a way to meet up with her outside of the club. All of these boil down to having the confidence to pull off the right move, because many guys only dream about it and wouldn’t even think about doing it.

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