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Get Paid Several Times or More

Oct 7th 2010 at 6:09 PM

OK so now you're curious and eager to find out how this works right?

Believe it or not, the answer is amazingly simple and this will prove to be a huge banker for every single activated member!

Now picture this, if each time a member activates their account, the cash is shared equally between the total number of previously purchased shares! This would mean that absolutely every single *activated* member would get a share of the pie, no more waiting or missing out, getting paid each and every time completely guaranteed.

BUT WAIT! This is about to get even better still! You will get paid on every single share you purchase, this means that if you purchase two shares you would get a double payout! Buy three and get a triple payout! Buy four and get a quadruple payout! Or buy more and earn crazy amounts of passive income!

Every single activated member will get paid every time a new purchase is made for each share they own, no exception!

We know that you are sure to agree that this is the best pay system ever! You will even earn passive income while you are in bed, simply login in the morning to check how much new income you've earned while you were sleeping!

Even better still! Your shares just go on and on generating you income because they stay active forever!

Please just read on for a moment and consider this. Now please read the rest of this information below for easy ways to make more money....

Referring in this program has many advantages and here is why, in conventional programs you earn a small referral bonus but you are just helping others to cycle rather than actually helping yourself. In this program every time you refer a new paying member not only do you earn a referral bonus, but you also get paid and so does everybody else! This is the ultimate WIN WIN situation for you and helps everybody else to make cash too!

If each member brought in just one additional paying member the pot would double, bring in two and it would triple, bring in three and it would quadruple! Most people know at least one or two other people that they could refer or you could even tell your team leader or friends on MySpace or Facebook. You would be amazed how easy it is to refer other people without even having an email list by advertising in forums, social networking sites, to friends and acquaintances or with solo ads. Autosurfs and traffic exchanges are usually a poor source of referrals as generally very few even look at their ads.

Because we charge a low admin fee we can pay you more in referrals!

We Pay A Massive 20% For Referrals Over Two Levels Deep!

Huge Sponsoring Opportunity-100% Instant Cash!

No matter whether you join first or last you will receive cash each time a member makes a new purchase, guaranteed! You will never be last in line in this program, because we pay absolutely everyone! It really doesn't get much fairer or better than that.


Just imagine if just one person joined per minute, you would get paid 60 times an hour for each share you purchase or 1,440 times a day for every share you purchase in a day. Now imagine if you have multiple shares!

Besides everything above you will also get access to probably the biggest reseller package ever assembled in one place and is literally worth thousands of dollars. This will be all yours just for activating your account.

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