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General Purpose Vehicle Cleaning Chemicals and Degreasing Cleaners

Sep 29th 2015 at 4:02 AM

Whether you have a commercial car shop or are prepping your car for sale, it is important to have the proper cleaning products at hand to ensure the quality of your work. Before doing any mechanical

surgery to a vehicle's engine, everything needs to be clean and free of engine gunk, which naturally accumulates through years of use. Opening the hood of a vehicle is inevitable if you want a well

maintained engine and sourcing quality cleaning chemicals, and degreasers is an important step to this process. If you can't DIY cleaning and degreasing of your engine's moving parts, best find an

auto shop that sources their chemical cleaners from reputable suppliers of high-quality vehicle cleaning products. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the things you should do when having your

engine cleaned:

•    First on the list is buying good-quality cleaning products. There are many general purpose vehicle cleaning chemicals and degreasing cleaners on the market that can help you restore your

engine to its old glory.

•    If you are doing the cleaning by yourself, don't forget to disconnect the batter cables to protect yourself from getting zapped by your own car. Always remove the negative cable first so as

to avoid shorting the circuit. This breaks the circuit so you can remove the positive cable safely.

•    Cleaning gunk and rust from your battery cable terminals extends the life of your car batter, starter, and alternator. Poor battery connections cause ninety percent of all charging and

starting problems. Corrosion can also happen to your battery tray, which is why this component also requires periodic cleaning. After removing your battery tray, you can easily wire brush corrosion off

the component. You can use baking soda and water to neutralize spilled acids and coat the tray with rust resistant enable once it is clean and dry.

•    You may also soak cable ends in some corrosion neutralizer like CLR before brushing them clean.

•    Once you are done with your car batteries, you can prep your engine for cleaning by covering sensitive electrical parts such as the distributor, alternator, and engine computer/relay boxes

with some plastic bags. This keeps them from getting soaked (over soaked) with chemicals.

•    Blow out loose dirt and vacuum clean areas first before using any type of engine cleaner on your vehicle so as not to create more gunk in the process.

About the Company:

Novamen Inc. is a privately held company and was started in 2010. With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in these markets, the founders are building the company with the

intention of offering products and services to industrial clients that go beyond those of traditional chemical companies. Operating in Alberta, Novamen Inc. focus is primarily to industrial, oil, natural gas

and mining industries throughout Canada. Visit Novamen Inc. to learn more about the chemical solutions you need more accessible, efficient, and cost effective than it has ever been.

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