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I am Professional writer, editor and blogger,I really like to spend my full time to write new idea which i thing. I am online marketing expert and technology enthusiast. I has been using the internet since the days of Usenet and the AOL walled gardens. Away from the computer, I enjoys horse riding and fly fishing and traveling.
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Gambling in Moderation and the Associated Health Benefits

Jan 30th 2014 at 10:22 PM

Gambling usually gets a lot of bad press because many chronic gamers suffer from all sorts of health conditions which are associated with a sedentary life. Research in the past has certainly proved that overdoing it can negatively impact a person's life in more ways than one. However, recent studies have come to a quite different conclusion which is that gambling can actually be good for your health – but only in moderation that is!

Playing in moderation proves to be a healthy occupation and very social

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Surprising Health Benefits

When it comes to health benefits associated with gambling, surprisingly research has shown that a few games even teach players things – namely they become more tech savvy without even realising it. The studies also showed that gamers boast better vision with another surprising result which is that online gambling may help people deal with chronic pain. There is certainly proof that players feel a sense of achievement as well as freedom when they are involved in a game of roulette, blackjack or some other favourite gambling pastime.

Credible Surgical Simulated Tests

When surgeons have to operate using a technique known as laparoscopy where they insert a camera into a tiny incision in a person's body so they can examine organs which they view on a monitor before and during a procedure they might have to perform via the incision, studies showed that gamers who took part in a simulated surgery made far less mistakes, were that much faster and scored much higher than colleagues who did not play any games.

Retirees Remain Alert, Motivated & They Have Fun

Retired people who enjoy an occasional gamble have fun whilst at the same time exercising their brains in a very positive way which at the end of the day makes them much healthier than their non-gambling counterparts. Those retirees who gambled drank less alcohol and did not suffer from depression either which again proved that an occasional flutter had many health benefits both physical and psychological!

An occasional flutter can prove stimulating whether it's online or in a casino

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The Key is Moderation

A lot of emphasis placed on the word "moderation" when it comes to the topic of gambling whether it's a friendly poker game amongst friends, a night out at a casino as a special monthly treat, a weekly trip to a bingo hall or playing a favourite game online, a person needs to know their limits. However, the social aspect is one that needs to be considered too. Many people like playing bingo because they get to meet other people whether at a bingo hall or even when they play on line. The same can be said of video poker and other interactive games like blackjack and roulette.

Gambling for many people is not necessarily the only reason for playing because studies show that older people although they enjoy their little flutter, mainly go to interact with other like-minded people sitting next to them. Recreational gambling is now considered as being a healthy hobby that offers many health benefits as long as people know their limits and therefore avoid the downside of becoming addicted to any one particular game.


Having a flutter can be exciting, it is often stimulating whether it's a bet on the horses or a night out on the town to a casino or a girl's night out playing bingo, there's a social aspect that draws people in. Unlike in times past when gambling received a lot of bad press, recent studies show that maybe there's a positive side to gambling that's been overlooked. The health benefits it would appear include helping people to stay more alert, motivated and healthier all round which is particularly true when it concerns retirees. However, the key to gambling offering these health benefits is to play in moderation so it remains great fun.


Image credit: Shockingly Tasty and questcnfcenter

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