Fundraising for Goalball Tournament

Apr 3rd 2011 at 6:31 PM

Hi friends, online friends, and co-laborers in the ministry. 

On November 7th of 2010 last year I made a very important decision to move to Newcastle, WA.  With the Help of my family and my sister’s family, we loaded up the vicar and moved my belongings to the new house. Although sometimes I miss my family I have continued to move forward in my life.   I am grateful for my landlord for her opening her house to me. 

I have since then found many local avenues to become a part of and receive from as well.  I want to talk to you about one Organization that is making a difference among the “blind community” in the Puget Sound Area. I have been apart of this group for one month now and I enjoy what they do in the community.  I have a heart for community and will continue to participate with this group as long as I live here. 

 “Vision Loss Connections is an organization of blind and visually impaired individuals in the Puget Sound area.   We came together to address the unmet cultural, recreational and educational needs of our community.  Our Goal is to bring individuals together to build bridges of activities and shared interests that connect people living with impaired vision. Our activities are open to people with all levels of vision loss and those experiencing the challenge of living with eye problems.”  ~ Pat Copland founder of Vision Loss Connections

This group has opened up many doors in my life.  I have been able to experience many opportunities that would otherwise not be available for me such as going to a museum, taking an art class,  developing friendship with other people living with eye problems beyond sitting at a table for a meeting or lunch-in or behind the computer or on the bus.  Within those three places does not foster an environment of actively giving back to the community or experiencing life as it should be experienced. Most sighted people go to movies, a musical theater, museums, play sports and other activities with friends even after work.  This group opens the door for true access into our community and the historical richness and entertainment it has to offer.  We provide hands on awareness to you the sighted people as we go enjoy life.  Yesterday my teammates and I and a few friends were waiting for the buss and some sighted people talked negatively about us as people with eye problems. Some Christians want to lay hands on us out of empathy and pray for healing.  Although, I believe in healing there is accountability in prayer.  Anyhow, it gets the community use to seeing people with eye problems as individuals who are whole living beings wanting to enjoy life as others do. We are real people hungry for relationships, love, fun, and dealing with hurts that are no different than anyone else.  They may have different situation but the underlying root is the same.  We’re not here to wine but to move forward and with the help of many local volunteer make accessibility happen in our community as it relates to enjoying life.   

A gym fee can cost anywhere from $100 - $50 a month here in the Puget sound area.  I personally have to pay for transportation, rent and my own personal bills.  My priority right now in life is to get myself healthy mentally and physically.  Currently I am involved in a place where I am getting myself in shape spiritually. In these times it is important for me to be able to stay focus spiritually.  The fellowship reciently changed the group to “the Holy Spirit Gym”.  There is of course a fee for that.  That is my priority financially at the moment.  With the bills and rent I don’t have a lot of extra money to enjoy myself with friends and pay for things I need.   So the gym is not something I can afford.   Although, exercise is a priority it is second to what I need spiritually.  I was originally giving the founder Pat Copland’s name via an O & M instructor in Seattle.  Pat mentioned that they had a goalball team. So I got connected and started playing Tuesdays and Saturday evenings.  Goalball has afforded me the opportunity to get exercise outside of the home while being able to develop friendships outside of the church community while developing friendships, boundaries and a sense of community.  I stay at home all day if it were not for Goalball or other Vision Loss Connection activities that participate in. I have always envied someone who has friendships and they go out to eat or out to a movie and I am not a part of it.  But now my life has become my own in that I have a place to make friends, exercise, have fun and be stretched.  I cannot tell you the difference it has made in my life.  I am overcoming  fear of ball, and learning to build friendships.   I have a sense that my life is what I choose it to be.  Although, that does not mean I don’t have accountability with good Christian leaders. 

My primary reason for sharing this to you is that our goalball team has been given an opportunity to go to Portland OR.  We will be competing with many teams all over the U.S.A the weekend of May 20-23. This information was given to us two weeks ago which does not give us or I the time to save money and pay for the preregistration fee.  I am asking you for your help in sending me to compete and to represent our state as well as be a blessing to those around me as a believer in Jesus.  Pat the founder of Vision Loss Connections has agreed to receive the money for me and will be dispersing it to various fees   and cost for the tournament.  I know her personally and is a trustworthy person to handle the donations.  All donations should be sent to Vision Loss Connections @ 23 West Boston Street Seattle Washington 98119.  Please put a note that you want that money to help support me for the Tournament  Make that check payable to Vision Loss Connections.  If you wish to make some other arrangements contact Pat via Email Below are the list of fees and needs for this tournament.  You can specify what you want to purchase for me.   I am sure other donations are welcome to help other players.  NOTE: TOURNAMENT FEE MUST BE IN BY APRIL 15!!!

$25 – player registration – Due April 15

$35 – USABA Fee – Due April 15

$ 40 – gas share

$79 - for Single room (or $20 – for shared room with team) ASAP

$100 – Meals

The rest of this cost list is to help Vision Loss Connections Purchase the Jersey for this trip.  I personally would like to see help fin this area because they have done a lot for me personally in providing activities. Personally they have bought me a ticket for some activities and assisted with food during meal gatherings.  Most importantly I believe in what they are doing and I want to help if I could help.  You would make that possible to help me bless them.    Regarding the goal ball shorts the cost is high due to the fact that these shorts are specially made for the sport.  I believe they are also used for soccer.  The list of cost is estimated if you have any questions you can once again email Pat at Thank you for your help in making a difference in my life and in those around me.  I value your time and effort to make this possible.  Once again make a note saying that this is to help Vision Loss connections for the goalball tournament. Also specify what you would like the money to go towards. If it is to purchase a jersey, then put I want this donation to go towards Esmeralda’s jersey.  These costs are estimated values.  For exact cost please contact Pat. 

$79 – Team Registration – exact value – due APRIL 15

$ 160 – Shorts

$7.00 practice T – Shirt

$15 Jersey – due ASAP

$30 numbers, lettering, tread, needle. -  ASAP

$500 rental car for trip due ASAP

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