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Jul 18th 2011 at 6:20 AM

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My friend and I were simply sitting around my house, drinking coffee and were very deep in conversation, when he made some very startling remarks.Mostly about what he happened to see next door, around him and in life in general...

He saw our neighbours, refugees from Somalia or some other African country, and felt they lacked certain everyday needs, and how he had seen others from 3rd world countries who were the same. He felt there was something inside him, forever urging him on to be charitable, often , with what little he had, so he did its will at times, in short bursts.

He was always doing something kind, within the community, like talking,sitting and feeding the Homeless or down trodden.In a business suit, geting stares from passersby because he was well dressed and groomed, and was sitting with the unclean,unkempt,often horribly smelling, "undesirables". It angered him in many ways, and I did as I always do, my best to console him and make him see logic, to see reason.

After continued discussion amidst  more coffee, I told him I felt that  if he felt his prompter was GOD, then he really needed GOD by attending a church. But he didn't want a bar of any world church system!

Because, he said,  he'd "tried that for 10 years, but could no longer bear doing"the same old same old", sitting on a pew for an hour or 2, EVERY Sunday, for the next 30 years or so, while there were people out there going hungry! It just wasn't his cup of tea, as he so eloquently put it. No, that to him, just seemed the lazy man's way of obtaining a reward by doing very little outside his comfort zone."

Another ideal he came up with totally blew my mind.

Who the hell these days, even bothers to think for 5 minutes, like this?

Let me tell you this...At  first I really thought he had been sniffing some sort of solvent, as no one...not one I'd ever come across, especially involved in some kind of business, would ever dream of doing what he wished to do...Because, logically, if you're in business, online or offline, your overall objective is to make money. Make a profit, right?

So I told him, no one's going to believe you anyway, because anything that easy is always deemed a scam!

But  he continued in his quest,pleading with me to see the end result. The end outcome. Then he begged me to realize,

"If you contribute nothing, how can you ever be at a loss, if you never had anything  to lose in the first place?"

In 7 minutes and 35 seconds, that it took to get up and make 2 fresh cups of coffee, I finally saw the  logic in his statement. He convinced me, but I still harboured doubts that he could convince others online...

So I contiued to pigheadily argue, insisting that no one will believe him seriously, or take him at his word! Not in this day and age!

He  then replied softly. " Maybe". As he had "tried other things, and they always amounted to nothing!" But then all of a sudden he leaps straight up, like Lazarus quickly rising from the dead, and bellowed;

"Yes...But...If they simply do a little, and you've already made your money, many times over, through your business online, then they can receive a "lot!"

"Huh ?" I remarked.

"If you're trying to say what I think you're trying to say, (that anyone can make money doing absolutely nothing) thats been said 1000 times before, so  is generally viewed as another scam.For everyone must do something, as you can't get something for nothing! As it all takes effort! Nothing EVER comes from nothing!"

He agreed, but then quickly stated, "True. But only to an extent! For in that statement is a limit, set by a limiter!

Now picture this...If a person only had to subscribe to your list and remained loyal, never unsubscribing, giving full permission to receive valid newsletters, free offers,giveaways etc. And then they could receive a small loyalty reward, an average, or an immense loyalty check, on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis for the rest of their lives! For doing nothing but subscribing, and staying subscribed!"

No matter how I tried to get him to see the logical in my reasoning, he refused to accept it couldn't be done. He simply replied, " If I can do it then I truly am a Master Persuader. And  if I cannot, I have no right to call myself a Master of anything!"

And that folks, is what he is doing right now!

Will he fail? Now, because I experienced first hand, his  stubborn determination and steadfast beliefs, I really don't know. He thinks he won't fail.He says he can't fail!  For he truly believes, that if he has the thought, and truly believes with his whole mind,spiirit,heart, and soul that he can really do it, then it will happen!"

He looked at my expression of doubt that began to "colour-in" my face, and then quoted me  a very little known scripture; from the greatest mind that ever lived;

"If you have faith, the size of a mustard seed, then you can say to this mountain or that mountain, "Move" and it will move from its place!"

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