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Five Ways to Save Hundreds on Groceries Each Month

Dec 28th 2014 at 8:47 PM

Buying groceries is a fact of life. Unfortunately they can become extremely expensive. In recent years grocery prices have continued to rise even though pay has stayed the same or dropped. You may have found you're having to cut back on extras just so you can buy groceries. Or even worse, you are eating cheaper, less healthy meals just so you can make ends meet.

Thank goodness there are some excellent ways to save big money on groceries every time you go to the store. I will first mention a few helpful tips that save me lots of cash in the checkout line, then I'm going to let you in on my one BIG secret that saves me hundreds of dollars each month - sometimes in a single trip to the supermarket.

1. Don't shop when you're hungry. Sometimes your life gets busy and you put off that trip to the store. Then all of sudden you're absolutely starving and grocery shopping becomes a "must do NOW" task. Depending on your tastes, you can go crazy buying everything from discounted Oreos to premium cuts of steak. But when you get home and eat, you start to realize you bought way too much when you were starving at the store.

Try having a quick snack before you go shopping. That will make the items in the grocery store seem less delicious. You will shop more conservatively and cautiously. That can make a 20 to 50 percent reduction in your tab at check out.

2. Be wary of how supermarkets merchandise. The way items are displayed in the store is a complex science supermarket companies have mastered. They put their more popular and profitable items on the end of the isle, in the front of the store, and at eye level. Stores also spread their staples like dairy and bread on opposite sides of the store so you have to walk through their high profit isles to get there.

The idea here is to ignore the stuff that is placed at eye level and look for items at the top of the shelf and the bottom. That is where you will find the better deals.

3. Avoid Walmart! I only say this half kidding. Walmart is the great American success story. Started by a small town guy who worked 24/7 to build a family owned business that spread around the world and earned billions in profits.

Of course we're talking about the legendary Sam Walton. Mr. Walton spent his whole life obsessed with merchandising and to this day Walmart is the king of making you buy LOTS of stuff, thinking you got an amazing value, all while taking more money out of your pocket by the time you've left the store.

4. Patronize your local supermarket that features low prices and plenty of longtime employees who are ready to help. This is a business model that is being copied in just about every city in America. You may recognize this as perfectly describing your favorite grocery stores.

These stores consistently deliver the lowest prices. I often notice my tab at checkout is 25 percent lower than what I would find at pricier chains or Walmart.

5. USE COUPONS! This is the biggest no-brainer in shopping. When major manufacturers offer money off on everything they sell, why not take FULL advantage? Super couponing has become the power tool of families that live extremely well on very little money.

Making the most of coupons really isn't very hard. You just need a good source of coupons that save you big money on everything you already buy. Remember, manufacturers are trying to get you to buy things you normally would NOT buy. So plan your trips to only get the items you would normally buy if you didn't have coupons.

You can find yourself saving 50 to 80 percent using this method. Now what are you going to do with all that money you just saved?

About the Author

Delores Harris teaches people how to save big money on groceries by smartly using coupons. See her popular source of coupons that lets you save up to 90% off on the items you always buy - or would buy if you could save big money. See here site at

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