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Five of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Jun 11th 2015 at 12:31 AM

While every person’s job may have some risks and potential dangers to face, there are certain occupations that trump all others when it comes to worker safety. Laws are being continually passed and amended to try and ensure the safety of workers, but no matter what, an element of risk will always remain. Here is a closer look at five of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

One of the most important industries in the world is also one of the most dangerous: fishing. Commercial fishing professionals find themselves dealing with the unknown each day when they come to work. These workers are regularly manipulating intricate yet heavy gear, battling dangerous weather conditions, and facing transportation methods that could instantaneously become compromised by Mother Nature. Because fishing is such a popular occupation in many parts of the world, it is well-known as one of the most dangerous as well.

Have you ever watched roofers work on a building? Often, they are working quickly to keep up with pressing timelines, yet they are rarely harnessed or using practically any safety gear. For exceptionally steep roofs, some basic safety supplies may be utilized, but often roofers are largely responsible for their own safety. In addition to dealing with various weather conditions, roofers are also faced with storing heavy tools on their bodies and meticulously using such tools while on a steep incline. With an ever present risk of falling down, roofing is yet another one of the world’s most dangerous jobs.

Without professional loggers, we wouldn’t have many resources necessary to comfortably perform daily functions. Loggers are amongst the world’s most compromised workers as the environment in which they work is ridden with risks. Logging machinery is incredibly large, heavy, loud, and dangerous. A simple oversight can cost someone their life. Additionally, they often have to work in inclement weather and harsh environmental conditions.

Construction laborers have also earned a spot in the listing of most dangerous jobs in the world. Often, construction requires the use of heavy machinery and means working at heights that could be deadly if a fall occurred. While many companies go to extensive measures to ensure the safety of their construction workers, momentary accidents can lead to debilitating injury and loss of life.

Imagine hauling a 40 ton truck down a stretch of highway. Inside are hazardous chemical materials which could implode in an accident. Truckers face danger each day when they get behind the wheel of their rig. The sheer size and contents of many trucks are the leading risks factors in this profession.

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Eric writes often about the legal field. You can find his thoughts at accident legal claim blog on Tumblr.

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