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Five Interesting Facts About Steel Recycling

Sep 14th 2015 at 12:18 AM

Steel recycling helps to reduce waste, decrease pollution, and lower costs. These five steel recycling facts motivate consumers to play active roles in recycling this valuable material.

Anyone interested in getting involved in efforts to improve the health of the planet ought to consider recycling materials to ensure the greatest use for each and conservation of the other resources used to process them. One major resource that is easily recycled, plentiful in items often sent to landfills and dumps and expensive to obtain in the raw is steel. Steel recycling helps to reduce fuel costs, eliminate water waste, and save money for producers and consumers of finished products.

One of the terrible things about harvesting raw ore to produce steel is the pollution it produces for both water and air. When steel is recycled, 40% less water is wasted, and water pollution is reduced by 76% percent. Water is a nonrenewable source, and one of the most important resources for all life. Any time it can be conserved and kept clean, everyone benefits.

Using recycled steel rather than raw ore reduces mining wastes and air pollution, too. In fact, with mining wastes reduced by nearly 100%, air pollution decreases by 86%. Cleaner air makes for healthier people and a more beautiful world. Without a doubt, the benefits of less air pollution will be increasingly measurable in the longevity of human beings and the reduction of respiratory ailments among others.

Energy conservation is supported by steel recycling. When ore is gathered to produce steel, the processes involved require four times as much energy input as would be involved in recycling already processed steel. The savings in energy used alone equals tremendous savings for consumers across the spectrum, from energy users accessing a diminishing source to buyers purchasing items using originally processed steel.

Recycling steel protects other resources as well. As a matter of fact, thousands of pounds of iron, coal and limestone are conserved for every ton of recycled steel used instead. Mining iron, coal and limestone is costly and detrimental to the planet. Using recycled materials rather those requiring new mining helps to ensure the security and health of the planet.

Any item constructed of steel may be produced with some recycled materials. Recycled steel is used to produce appliances, construction materials, automobiles, and packaging. Throughout every home, there is likely to be some steel in use, from various devices to locks, knobs and other fixtures to hidden strengtheners such as framing and foundations. The value of steel for securing lives should be well understood, but the value of recycled steel for securing the future is often overlooked.

Every household in Sunnyvale should be sure to recycle steel rather than casting it out to ensure conservation of resources, decreases in pollution and lower prices. For more information on an stainless steel recycling center in Sunnyvale, visit this website.

Author Bio:-

With the advantage of having lots of experience in the Recycling Industry, Dustin shares his knowledge through his writing. You can find his thoughts at Storify blog.

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