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Finding the Best Family Lawyer in Atlanta

Dec 3rd 2015 at 9:58 PM

The best family lawyer in Atlanta will have the skills and the experience to do the work involved in arriving at important child custody cross roads in the diverging lives of parents that are calling it quits. What will work best for the children? That is what the court will be focused on as no matter what happens, the parents will be apart, which is what at least one of them wanted.

The children most likely did not want this, unless there was some physical danger to them. Unfortunately, all of this has to be evaluated and many times the courts will have to make rulings based on determinations made from outsiders to the family such as a GAL which is a Guardian in Litem that is appointed by the court to perform an investigation. The GAL will make their recommendation about who should have custody of the children. There are other ways to find out which parent is in the best shape psychologically and financially to take the children in custody and also to determine how much time the children spend with the other parent, if at all. Many times a psychological evaluation is requested when one parent is concerned about the mental health of the other parent.

There will be observations made, testing will be performed and documents will be reviewed. Findings and reports will be compiled and presented with a child custody recommendation that is non binding on the court. Then the judge will consider all of these potential factors along with others that are pressing in the particular situation to make a final binding ruling on who will be the legal custodial parent and what visitation will be allowed.

The possibility of high conflict as well if parents who are splitting up just cannot agree to the visitation and custody determinations. The children can suffer a great deal as research has shown. The children have the least favorable outcome after the divorce is settled and the rules are put in place as to when and with who they will be spending their time. Suddenly their home is ripped apart and then they have to spend their lives being shuttled between two different homes with lifestyles that may become very foreign to them based on what each parent decides to do on their own and with whom. This can be devastating to the child's self esteem as the confusion could cause many problems in self identity.

The bifurcation of the family involving children is an expensive process as there are fees that are charged by the GAL and the psychologist that the lawyer representing a parent will pass on to the client. Each parent will be asked to pay half of the fees. Divorce involving children is most unfortunate for the family that is being dissolved. It is better if things are worked out, however, that often is not possible or could be much worse if a parent is abusive to the other parent and/or the children. Life can be very messy and for these situations it is best for parents seeking divorce to find the best family lawyer in Atlanta.

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