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Fake IDs That Scan

Oct 27th 2015 at 3:32 PM

Understanding fake IDs that Scan

Normally, an ID scanner is used to record and display the data that is contained on an ID. This information is usually the expiration date of the ID and the address, name and date of birth of the person holding the ID. This scanning assists authorities to be able to tell people who are underage or are using expired IDs. However these scanners are not used to detect fake IDs. This goes to show you that it is possible to have Fake IDs that scan.

With the fake IDs, most of the time there is a mismatch between the information that appears on the front of the card and the information that is recorded in the bar code or the magnetic stripe on the card. For instance, the name displayed on the card could be John Doe but the magnetic stripe may show Jane Doe. A good number of the fake ID makers usually just get an already used ID card and print new information on top of it. This is due to the fact that it is much easier to print new information on the front of a blank card than it is to start encoding a magnetic stripe or bar code. Most of these makers simply buy a large number of cards that have their magnetic stripes already encoded and they then print new information on the front.

In a nutshell, the purpose of the ID scanner is to allow someone to be able to read the information that is contained in a card. You simply need to confirm whether the information that is recorded ion the magnetic strip is the same as the information that is printed on the front of the card. A mismatch of the information immediately informs you that the card is fake.

However, contrary to the belief that is held by a good number of people, the ID scanners that are used commercially do not compare the information on a certain card with the information that has been stores in the state databases. No one from the general public is allowed access to the databases of information held by the state. The commercially used ID scanners are used for the purpose of keeping evidence that the ID was verified and not really to check whether or not it was fake.


With this information in mind, you can now go and peacefully have your fake ID scanned. Just ensure that you purchase yours from a reputable seller of fake IDs that scan. The commercial places will only be looking to keep evidence that they played their part in verifying the ID and not to check whether or not it is fake.

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