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Sep 22nd 2012 at 5:43 AM

Loaned by theghostwhotalks

With this article I intend to write my (the ghost) first ever musical review. I chose to write about virtually unknown, non highly or overly-commercialized bands. By that I mean, bands and singers  that are not necessarily under the thumb of one or two "brotherhood" affiliated conglomerates.

Here we go...I first stumbled upon this band, when scouring a torrent site called btjunkie for software, I can't recall what it was for the life of me.

Anyway being  bit of a curious cat, in the fields of covert manipulation, seduction, conspiracies, religion and others, I found  a torrent titled "5SkS - subliminal -The banned Album."

Thinking this may be a subliminal recording   (as many I have found have this title, but are proved far from being " subliminal")  as the title suggested, that could endow me with "something", I was determined to download it and try it out. But for some unknown reason or another, I didn't and simply posted the question " Is it really subliminal, and why was it banned?" then left the site to pursue some other activity.

Somre weeks later, I ventured back to the torrent site looking for something else that had caught my eye, and saw I had generated an answer. It read "Don't know. It's just music."

So I finally downloaded it, discovered a link to the bands website,


where to my amazement I found a most curious recording available. In the menu bar at the top of the page was the name "Yahjweh". Yahweh as many Christians know, is the name for GOD, the creator of alll things, in heaven and on earth.

So being the extremely curious fellow I am, I ventured into Terra Firma, and found you needed to purchase the recordings,in order to listen to them. So, I raced to btjunkie to see if I could find uploaded copies of these. I found what I was hoping for.

I downloaded the torrent, then when finished I listened to a guy who claimed to be Yahjwe

(Take note of the spellling, and when listening to the recording, his pronounciation of it. I don't believe he is claiming to be the ALL supreme).

This being, claims to be a visitor from outer space who has been here for about 3500 years. He became us, and during the recordings appears to have very human traits, consisting of dry throat, (he appears to consume a lot of water during his rants), "Ums" and "Ah's" during speech,. He claims to hail from a distant planet called Nibiru. He then proceeds to tell a story around his home planet, his association with a Red Emperor, being at the crucifixion of the Christ, and so on and so on.

At one point, I  personally began to feel he was lessening the Deity of The Christ , then appeared to elevate him back up there soon after.

I can't help but think, is he just another phoney, a pretender like the many "Christs", like the one in Australia who claims to be Him, yet states he is merely the reincarnation. The Puerto Rican rich man jailed for 4 years, divorced, remarried several times, and convicted of theft, claiming to be Jesus?

Or the Siberian claiming that he is the Son Of GOD?

A natural Christian thought process...as we have all been brainwashed that way by the those damn evangelists! We are encouraged to totally debunk another's claims and not make the effort to check out their bold claims. To prove they're telling the truth, or a bunch of lies!

Anyway I'm digressing....

I, at first didn't like most of their tracks, but then after listening to their various albums,

=> http://5sks.com/index.html

for some hours, a lot of them grew on me...like "Amy alone", "I heard him come" , a very mellow Praise Jesus song  (The LDS song? Latter Day Saints?  Found on their "TeaBagging Sarah Palin" Album),  the renditions of "Raspberry Beret" and "Nothing compares to you" by Prince, the artist formly known as KAFTAP.  Yahjwe is quoted on the seminar as talking with Prince, who after being introduced to the teachings of our intergalatic visitor, was not interested in them!

To sum, I would say the lead singer of 5SKS sounds at various times, a lot  like Lenny Kravitz, sometimes Prince. But mostly like Lenny Kravitz. They have posted up their albums on their website, for free, so you can go there and download any or or if you like them. They only ask that a donation be given, as a "Thank You" so they can carry on and bring us many more free albums.

Who else could be so nice?

So if you're as curious as I was, go visit their site, and download an album; or two!


Here's a suggestion...read their "Our story" revealing how they started and came to eventually be 5SKS, the extraordinary band. Then, listen to their first, "Stone Pony - Come Away" album, before you venture into their 2010 releases.

They just may grow on you!

I rate them a 7/10! Until they blow my mind! Need to listen to more of them for this to happen! But as of Friday, November 11,2011, 6:49 P.M. GMT,

I am loving the song "I heard him come!"

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