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Exotic Car Buying Guide

Nov 28th 2014 at 10:41 PM

Buying an exotic car can be an exhilarating experience. However, it can cost you a fortune if you don’t know the ropes. You can get in over your head quite quickly. This guide will help you buy an exotic car that is what you want and won’t take you to the cleaners.

General Tips for Buying an Exotic Car
At first glance, purchasing an exotic is much like purchasing any other car – except that you shell out considerably more money. The basics are the same though. You want to look for a car that has a clean history with no accidents and no paint work with low mileage. It is best to purchase an exotic that has not had many owners, the fewer the better, and has a clear service history.

Make sure you know how the car was used, whether it was a daily driver, driven on the track, or just on the weekends. You probably don’t want a car that has just been sitting. Look for a vehicle that has been driven now and then.

Finally, check out the dealer’s reputation and see just how much they know about exotics. Opt for a dealer who is an expert in exotic cars. You should also review the car’s history reports and look for any potential problems. Once you get past these issues you can get down to business. Here are some tips for three of the top exotics.

First year Ferrari cars should be avoided, especially if they have low mileage. You want a car that has been driven enough to draw out any issues. There have been some problems with the Modena 360 (model year 1999) and the Maranello 550 (model year 1997). The F355 cars tend to be fairly expensive to maintain so examine your budget before sinking your dollars into one of them.

In the Modena 360 (model years 1999-2000) and 550 Maranello (1997-1990) should be avoided if they have the F1 transmission. The 6 speed is your best bet here. Check all the belts as well as the interior. These areas are known to show wear so give them a good once over before signing on that dotted line.


The Murcielago (model years 2002-2003) and the Gallardo (model years 2004-2005) – the E-Gear cars – should have had at least one bearing and clutch change and the clutch should still be good. When you get a Private Purchase Inspection, you can ask the dealer to test this. The dealer should also reflash the car’s computer to update the most current version of the E-Gear software. FYI, the clutch for the 6 speed transmission is less expensive to replace.

The tires for the Murcielago and the Gallardo should be up to date. Don’t let them go past the date code of 6 years. You should look for any wet spots or leaks on the car’s undercarriage. It should be dry at all times so you should examine the car carefully before buying.

Aston Martin
These cars tend to have some navigational and audio problems so just check the car out well to make sure everything works like it should. In your inspection, if you find that you have to press the command button several times or push it with extra force in order to get it to work, there is likely a problem.

The DB9 and the Vantage are good cars. While the DB9 doesn’t have a clutch, the Vantage does but you will likely be happier with it as a 6 speed. However, if you do purchase the sportshift, just make sure to get a reading on the clutch wear.

Check for wear and tear in areas such as the interior and seats. Inspect the suspension components on the DB9 (model years 2005-2006) as well as the Vantage (model year 2006). The craftsmanship on these models is not quite as high quality as other models and years – but they are still good. A third year production model would be a prime find, especially if you could find one with low mileage.

Research any car that you are considering buying and thoroughly check it out. That way you know you are getting the best deal possible.

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