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Essential Classical Design Elements for Your Home

Jul 11th 2015 at 3:18 PM

Many people’s passion and desire are reflected in their own home’s interior design. Some go for a modern minimalist appeal. Some also prefer shabby chic or rustic countryside designs. However, there are a few whose dream still lies on the timelessness of a classical design. Who would not when the seemingly orthodox set-up often brings a sense of tranquility and warmth not commonly found in some interior designs? As an example, most Greek and Roman frameworks often imbibe a sense of class and timelessness in interior design. If you wish to pursue a classical style in your own home, it is important to ensure that certain elements are infused to your design to achieve a look indicative of that time.


Classic interior designs are heavily based on the idea of creating symmetry or balance. A balanced and organized arrangement to your space should reign supreme. There should be a focal point in a room that will serve as an imaginary midline to the overall arrangement. A fireplace or a large painting placed at the center of the living area must be flanked with complementary pieces symmetrically placed on both sides. This is to draw an equal distance on both sides and bring the observer’s eye to the focal point of the room.


One of the distinctive elements in classical interior design, as evidenced in various DIY projects done by celebrities on television, is the use of motif or theme. This is the repetitive pattern manifested in the overall ambiance of a certain space. The Romans as well as the Greeks often use paintings, urns, vases, and frescoes to enhance and add zest to their interior spaces. This theme must be observed all throughout for a uniform and restive appeal.

Natural Materials

Another defining element in most classical DIY kitsis the use of natural materials. The earthly mantra of hardwood and stone floors, wooden beams on ceilings and ledges on a fireplace are some of the natural materials often present in classical designs. This is somehow complemented with tapestries and fabric cushions that imbibe a natural feel. Again, a sense of balance between hard and soft materials creates a seemingly soporific ambiance common in the classics.

Earthly Colors

The design of a classical interior often takes inspiration from earthly hues. Shades of beige, cream, blue, yellow, green, ebony and brown are colors from nature evident in most classical design. Some homes also prefer muted hues like grays, pinks and terra cotta to create a more appealing palette.

Intricate Architecture

Though some DIY projects on classical home interior design have softened over the years, some homes still take in essential architectural elements inspired by the Romans and the Greeks. The use of arches, columns, mosaic flooring and wall patterns, and other unique techniques provide an emphasis on beauty and fluidity apparent in most classical designs.

For a do-it-yourselfer, there are awesome DIY kits on classical home interior design easily found online. These kits often provide a step-by-step process for you to easily apply on a particular space. You do not have to shell out thousands of dollars to achieve a stylish and timeless home.

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