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Easy to Learn Yet Extremely Cool Magic Tricks

Feb 21st 2015 at 5:55 AM

Magic is mysterious. Magic is exciting. Magic is joyful. If there is one thing that magic is not, it is easy. However, there are, nonetheless, a number of different magic tricks that are not so hard to get a hang of and learn. There are rare magic tricks in existence that are also easy to learn, some of which are way cooler than others. The following are some of the coolest yet extremely easy to learn magic tricks in existence:

The Crayon ESP

The Crayon ESP is one of the most incredible and coolest magic tricks of all time, and it is extremely easy to learn. The Crayon ESP is a magic trick which has been designed to be able to lead kids into believing that their parents (or a magician at their birthday party) knows how to cast magic and has telepathic powers. What happens in this magic trick is that an adult asks a kid to choose a crayon of any color and put it in their hand while they stand with their back towards them and their hands behind their back, and the adult, without looking at the crayon, tells the kid what color the crayon is.

The Linking Paper Clips

This magic trick is without even the shadow of a doubt one of the coolest magic tricks to have ever been created. The Linking Paper Clips is a magic trick in which two plain old paper clips are launched into the air, and by the time they fall to the ground, they are attached to each other. The Linking Paper Clips is extremely easy to learn and is also considered to be one of the most mysterious and mind boggling magic tricks in existence, especially considering how simple and easy to perform it is. This magic trick makes use of two paper clips and a dollar bill.

The Card Hotel


Some of the coolest magic illusions in existence have to do with cards, and this is one of them. The Card Hotel is extremely easy to learn, although it is quite cool at the same time.  What happens in this magic trick is that the face cards and aces form a deck of cards are extracted, organized according to the four suits and mixed together. Next, the person performing the trick puts all the cards (face down) down into four stacks, and when they are done, the cards are all arranged according to the four suits.

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