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Easy Cleaning Tips for All Kinds of Venetian Blinds

Nov 25th 2015 at 11:05 AM

Cleaning your Venetian blinds can be such a chore in every sense of the word considering the number of slats that must be individually dusted for best results. But it only takes 30 minutes a month to make blinds look like new if you know how to do it.

Just remember two important caveats: First, shades in delicate fabrics, such as silk, should be professionally cleaned; and second, contact the manufacturer or retailer when in doubt about the proper ways of cleaning the blinds.  

Roman Shades

These shades can be cleaned in two ways, namely:

•   Using a vacuum’s soft dusting brush attachment with a low suction setting
•   Using a handheld vacuum fitted with brush attachment  

In both methods, be sure to use gentle motions over the shades’ surface. If necessary, clean stains with a soft cloth dipped in a water-soap mixture – gently wipe away the stains, rinse, and blot dry.

Honeycombs Shades

Also known as cellular blinds, honeycomb shades are the best choice for energy efficiency purposes.

•   Use a vacuum’s dusting tool. Give the shades a once-over cleaning motion on a low suction setting.
•   After dusting, lightly blot the stains with a sponge and a lukewarm water-mild dish detergent mixture and blot dry.  

Sheer Shades

These shades may appear delicate because of their translucent appearance but these are actually made from sturdy knitted polyester. These can be cleaned using a vacuum with its brush attachment on its lowest suction setting.  

Roller Shades

These shades are tricky to clean since a bit of manual labour is required for best results.  

•   Dip a clean cloth or sponge in a solution of lukewarm water and mild dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth or sponge until it is just damp instead of dripping wet.
•   Wipe the shade in sections starting from the bottom and working upwards. Wash and rinse along the way.
•   Leave the shade fully extended to speed up drying.  

Even dingy vinyl shades can be cleaned! Give them a bath by:

•   Let warm water flow into a bathtub or large basin. The water should be sufficient to saturate the shades in it.  
•   Add a liberal amount of mild dish washing soap and let the water-soap mix combine well by stirring it around a few times.
•   Dip the entire shade into the water-soap mixture and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
•   Clean the shades on both sides with the use of a soft brush.
•   Rinse after the dirt has been removed, air-dry, and re-hang on the windows.

Shades provide the benefits of protection against ultraviolet rays and beautify the room. It makes sense to take good care of them via regular cleaning.

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