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Early Diagnosis of Glaucoma is Vital

Aug 14th 2015 at 3:55 AM

The term glaucoma applies to several different types of eye disease, all of which involve damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve transports images that you see from theeye to the brain. If the optic nerve is damaged, vision can be affected to the point of blindness. Once vision is lost, it is permanent; no treatment can reverse the damage to the optic nerve caused by glaucoma. The key to avoiding these damages is early detection and treatment by an eye doctor.


Keep in mind these early warning signs. They don’t necessarily mean that you have glaucoma. But they are all symptoms that you should have checked by your eye doctor. The ophthalmologist will conduct a complete exam and run tests to determine if you have glaucoma.If glaucoma is detected early, your eye doctor will be able to provide treatment that will prevent permanent damage to your optic nerve.


Some potential signs of glaucoma relate to the physical aspects of your eyes, things that you can see when looking at yourself in the mirror. A change in the color of the iris is one such symptom. The eyelids may be red around the edges, or swollen. Excessive tearing is another possible indication.


You may encounter some indications of glaucoma trouble as problems with your vision. You could be seeing double. Lines and edges could appear to you as distorted or wavy. You may see a dark spot at the center of your field of vision.


Other indications occur in the use of your eyes. These include difficulty in adjusting to dark rooms. This is different than poor night vision, it occurs when you enter a room with little light. You may have trouble focusing on objects that are close to you, or that are far away from you. In either case, you are unable to maintain a proper focus despite intense concentration.


Any of the symptoms described here may be accompanied by periodic pain in or around your eyes.If you experience more than one of these symptoms simultaneously, it is recommended that you see your eye doctor and have a thorough eye exam. You should not wait, because early diagnosis can help you avoid serious and irreversible damage to your eyes.


Understanding the signs of glaucoma may help early detection. There are no definitive symptoms of glaucoma other than serious vision problems that result when the optic nerve is already damaged. You want to detect and diagnose glaucoma earlier, when your eye doctor can provide treatment that prevents permanent damage to the optic nerve.For more detailed information from an eye doctor in Chula Vista, visit this website.

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