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E qua la ching gah!

Jun 9th 2011 at 5:43 AM

Wow! I watched a discovery channel video called "Track Me If you Can", about how to really break free from Big Brother and all his technology he is using to track and spy on you. And upon the Narrator's suggestion, to stop EMF waves,Biotech face, body, conversation and walking scanning technologies, I created myself an Aluminum foil shield in my Balaclava! After an while wearing it, I started to feel all funny all over!

You know, that feeling in your legs and knees you get when you're really sick? That's what I first noticed! But after an hour or so, I felt different! Lighter! I felt I was thinking clearer for the first time - ever!

Could it be that signals from a secret location are constantly being transmitted,sent out to brainwash me, (and others, and that's why someone attacks someone else and doesn't know why, or can't recall  they did it?)

Is it the Aluminum Shield Hat is stopping these  transmissions and that's why I'm feeling weird, or suddenly different?

Well, to see what happens to you, here's how to make an aluminum hat sheild!

Carefully cut away the stitching in your Hat,  be careful, try not to fray it. Cut sections of Aluminum foil into decent sized rectangles. Fold over the sides,and ends, and then wrap them in Cling wrap. This stops the foil from bunching up or ripping. Flatten them down and sellotape the ends of the clingwrap so the foil doesn't fall out. I discovered this after many attempts!  3 boxes of foil wasted later, I came up with this method! Put  it in your hat, and use your hands to put it into position to cover your jaw area,back of head, neck (optional), top of head, forehead, and ears. You may have to make several strips, depending on what kind of hat you use.

Once all the foil is in place, get a needle, and cotton the color of your hat and sew it up. Using clingwrap doesn't make the hat heavy like a helmet, stops it from making scraping noises and doesn't make it look like there's glitter in or on your hat. Only real problem can be the foil bunches up in one place or your head gets really hot when wearing your hat through town!.Keeps out the cold though!

In the process of making an anti-face reading mask, and it looks rather like M's in V for Valentine! As don't know how to create authentic looking face masks  out of latex as well Ethan Hunt  in the Mission Impossible movies!



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