Donate Your Old Car tothe Needy

Sep 29th 2015 at 2:13 PM

Do you own a car or a vehicle that you’re not using and simply lying in your backyard? If yes, then you can probably donate your car for charity and help organizations and people who probably need them. If you are wondering if you can donate a vehicle that’s not in working condition, then yes, such cars are eligible too. Make sure that all the four tires of the car are inflated and the car should be towable. So, if you have a car in such conditions that’s just lying on your property without any use, you can do something good utilizing Car Donation in California for people who really need it.

No matter which city you are in, you can work with non-profit organizations, charity or foundations for Car Donation Houston. There are various foundations doing good work in this area and would be grateful to you as your donations would keep their visions alive. This is the easiest way one can join a cause that they really feel for and make positive contributions to the society.

The process of Car Donation Arizona is really simple. If you really intend to donate the car, you can work with several nonprofit organizations to start off the process of donation at the earliest. However, make sure that the charity service is genuine. Ask several questions to understand the same. You must be aware about what would be done with the proceeds of the charity program where you will donate your car. Make sure that you make your contribution only when you’re sure that someone would benefit from your donation.

Make sure you have the title of your car in place before you donate the car. You would also need to fill forms and other necessary documents for the charity or foundation you wish to support. The towing of your automobile must be done free of cost and the proceeds from your donated vehicle would be used to fulfill the objectives of the charity. When you donate your used car, make sure you get a tax deduction too. Though this isn’t a part of helping others, it would help you. In several cases where the cars are in working condition, they are donated to people who wish to use it. However, when the vehicles are in a condition where they can’t be repaired, the automobile is sold and then the money is used for operational activities of the charity.


If you are passionate about helping others, then you can get started by donating a car and utilizing Car Donation in Virginia. The charity should provide you with a release of liability once someone from their organization picks up your vehicle. Based on the price they have received from the sale of your vehicle, they will provide you with a tax deduction form. It’s a win-win scenario you help people in need and you can even get tax deductions with a Car Donation Florida as well.

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