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Does Your BMW Need New Brakes?

Jun 22nd 2015 at 2:22 AM

Vehicle safety should be our number one goal. That’s why it’s important to know the signs that signal new brakes.

The brakes on your BMW are what keep your family safe. Delaying the repairs for brakes is dangerous. Here are some important tips that will help guide your decision regarding brake replacement.

Brake rotors for BMWs are built with minimal thicknesses. This saves weight and means that they can’t be turned, but they must be replaced. BMW brake rotors are sensitive to the heat and can warp, and overheated brakes are a reason brakes fail. The biggest reason for break failure, however, is wear and tear.

Did you know that you could inspect your brakes visually? Brake rotors can be inspected all the way around the disc and on both sides. Look for any concentric scoring, or grooves, or any obvious defects. If the rotors are discolored that could signal a problem of overheating.

If the brake pads are in poor condition, that will warrant replacement. Look for cracking and breaking on the friction surface and for uneven wear. If your BMW has brake sensors, those should be replaced at the same time as the pads.

Drums should not have excessive grooves or a deep trough dug into them. Brake shoes should be evenly worn and have no rivets bulging to the friction surface.

A good brake inspection will also include troubleshooting the calipers, wheel cylinders, and hoses and fittings for hydraulic fluid leakage. A brake pedal that feels spongy or has gotten lower underfoot is a concern. That could be caused from calipers that stick, low fluid, or worn pads.

Are you familiar with the way your brakes normally sound? If you hear any noise that is out of the ordinary, that might mean you have an issue. Brakes tend to squeak when the pads are dusty, dirty, or worn. A rhythmic noise might indicate that the rotors are warped. Instead of squeaking, it makes a pulsating sound. Brake noise that is constant is never good, and a grinding noise speaks big trouble.

Most importantly, the minute you notice a problem with your BMW, take it in for an inspection. Rotors and drums that are overstressed can break, and brakes that are too damaged or worn won’t stop your car in any emergency. If you somehow avoid an accident while delaying the inspection process, you will likely increase the costs of repair. Choosing safety is the best answer. Please visit this website for BMW repair in Mountain View.

Author Bio:-

Justin is a certified car nut and writes about all car topics. He has a special interest in performance parts, wheels and rims. Share his enthusiasm at auto care guide blog on Weebly.

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