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Do Your Bit To Save Planet Earth- Use Eco Friendly Bags

Oct 14th 2014 at 11:26 PM

With our over consumption patterns and luxurious lifestyles, we contribute a lot to environmental degradation. The plastic bags that we use would be of no use after some time and which would be thrown away to cause soil and waterborne hazards. We can prevent these ill effects of wastage by making some changes in our life style patterns. While going to the market we can make the use of eco-friendly bags in the place of synthetic ones. This can help you to save the environment at an individual level and bring about a change that counts. Some of the types of bags that are eco-friendly in nature are:

Paper Bags

Though people always complained about such bags in the past because of their plain looking appearance and fragile nature, they have started making use of these in many ways. The quality of paper bags has changed over the time. They have become more durable and more functional than other varieties. Since people are getting more and more conscious about the environment, they are replacing the plastic bags with the paper varieties. Nowadays, paper bags come in various colors, sizes and are compatible for use in various purposes. Other than marketing, people make use of these for the storage and for decoration. They are used to store all kinds of things and are very appealing amongst kids who even use them for crafting purposes.

Grocery Bags

These types of bags are used of different purposes other than just groceries. You can make use of one grocery bag for various shopping trips since they are more durable than the plastic varieties. You can purchase them in various colors to avoid monotony and add on style. They are also economical, making it a wise investment! There is a huge variety of grocery bags available in the market and most of them will be customized with your logo and store name. Some of these grocery bags are also washable but that will again depend on the material that you have purchased. Other than shopping, you can also make use of them while going for a picnic or for storing any item. They have brought a new level of economy and style to the eco friendly bag industry.

Reuseable shopping bags are gaining popularity day by day. Let’s look at some of the contribution that they do for environment protection:

  • The more you depend upon reuseable bags for your needs, the more you will  reduce your impact on the environment. This also saves extra capital as well as resources that are used in manufacture of plastics.
  • These bags are made up of biodegradable materials like cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo. These materials are easily degradable and are less likely to cause pollution.
  • They are very economical since they can be used many a times.
  • They not only benefit the consumer but also the local governments in safe disposal and treatment of city wastes.


About The Author

Brian Montgomery runs his own bags manufacturing company that produces customized paper bags, reusable bags, grocery bags and more. He is also an avid writer and likes to share his views about the industry through his interesting and informative articles.


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