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Do men really find it harder to choose gifts for people?

Mar 6th 2014 at 8:48 AM


A frequently occurring thought that occurs to men when they are faced with buying a gift for a loved one is what to buy them. A lot of the indecision comes from more of what to buy the recipient that they will actually like and appreciate. When men buy things for themselves they base the decision on whether the item is useful or will help them with some part of their lifestyle or interests. Getting gifts for others especially if they aren't that close in your life can pose a challenge when using this method as you won't know what the person wants or needs at any particular time.


When it comes to buying gifts for women men can also fall short. Women like gifts with a sense of sentimentality or romance – both things men aren't naturally accustomed to in their average daily thoughts. This can also bring a feeling of stress and inadequacy for man especially when they have gone to some time and trouble to find a gift only to have it rejected or misinterpreted. So given the pressure to do the right thing and not make a mistake can take a lot of the fun out of finding gifts and make the whole experience an undesirable one.


Men are more likely to leave finding gifts for special occasions and Christmas to the last minute. This would seem understandable given many men's aversion for shopping in general. Usually when a man goes to shop for something they will have a good idea as to what they what and where to get it before they leave the house. When it comes to Christmas shopping however they will find themselves going from store to store trying to find something that the recipient of the gifts will appreciate. This does generate frustration and can leave men feeling drained – not looking forward to when they next have to try again for more gifts.


So to answer the question, yes men do struggle to find gifts in general and it's not because they can't or don't want to but more because it doesn't suit the average man's mindset or sense of masculinity and even if it is a good use of their time. Like for instance if a man would like to get their loved one a new fragrance it would be a question of do they like the fragrance even though it is intended for a woman. If the answer is yes then it is very likely the woman will also like it and appreciate the thought and effort of getting it. So in that way it was a good use of their time and not diminished their sense of masculinity.


So it does come back to the thought of will the other person even like the gift but that shouldn't be the main focus on why we are to go through the time, trouble and expense of acquiring the gifts. The most popular mindset is that the recipient will appreciate the gift no matter what it is and can be rest assured. Is it the thought that counts? - Yes, so there is nothing wrong if you are concerned with whether it's the wrong gift or not.

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