DNA talisman

Jul 28th 2010 at 12:37 AM

DNA talisman
The crystals are in the man's service, wonderful helpers, healers, and their usage not it is possible to heal bodily-spiritual-mental troubles, diseases only, but with a shock but with a lot onto more capable.

The dimension change and the crystal may provide extraordinary help in rising into consciousness. Kryon and Kuthumi we received information of drainages that way, that which one the 12 crystals, that it helps a man again to activate the full one 12 DNAs spiral, opening so towards consciousness existence with a much taller order.

If you work together with these 12 master crystals, they his acknowledgement, you become sensitive one that way, what they may help you with how, you can attune to DNA being your body easy-going what his spirals try to show you. You can become TELJES EMBER so.

The 12 master crystals manage all other and other frequencies, and my other mouth belongs to him according to the doctrines of the numerology.
The 12 master crystals the successor:
1 – amethyst 4 – rose quartz 7 – one of Labrador 10 – Rodokrozit
2 – pebble 5 – Szodalit 8 – pyrite 11 – Csaroit
3 – Tigger eye 6 – Citrin 9 – Szugilit 12 – milky quartz

The first is a thread, amethyst. The first helps to create a strong basis for a thread, through which may join your divine plan and you may manifest it. Provides a strong basis, to order helps to it, finds the way back to Isteni Terv. (Numerology: resonates with my 8 mouth.)

The second is a thread, a pebble. This depends on a context with the acquisition of the balance and his keeping. It is possible to take the road in balance towards the taller consciousness level only. Onto a conscience and the fears is you may create the harmony and the balance working with an effect, this thread. (Numerology: oscillates with the 2 number together.)

The third is a thread, a tiger eye. Who I am, why am I here? Resonates with your own undertaken fate, that is the social expectations forced to them condition the humanity's majority and it is coloured. You forgot who you are. As soon as the third is your thread continually though turns more active one and more active one, you start asking yourselves it according to a word, that – who I am me? Why am I here? Sure not this only reason because I came here?! And you have truth in a dog, work with the tiger eye, is that clear?(Numerology: it resonates with my 1 mouth.)

The fourth is a thread, rose quartz. The crystal of the heart chakra. With the family, the roots related energies helps it. Parents, siblings, children and truth strengthens the forming of an inner contact with the companion. This DNA thread activating the challenges residing in the direct family environment may get stronger. (Numerology: resonates with my 4 mouth)

The fifth is a thread, szodalit. The throat chakra and crystal strengthening the communication so. Hereby learnable, being indicative of an example so with the thoughts, acts, words that we say what we believe in fact. Hereby all determination, conditional affection, poverty consciousness energies we may leave it behind more easily. (Numerology: resonates with my 3 mouth.)

The sixth is a thread, citrin. Is attached to a Sun chakra and the more upper one i his energy. This crystal shows it for us, how we handed over the power to the ego, the lower strengths with a soul level where. It is possible to unite it again living the full man strength, balance worked up in the life, a unit hereby his women and man in energies. (Numerology: resonates with my 6 mouth.)

The seventh is a thread, one of Labrador. Has an effect on the telepathic communication, helps in the imagination abilities – uniform magic power, with which the man may join the world of the miracles and the magic,. It is possible to join so onto the level of the taller consciousness. (Numerology: resonates with my 9 mouth.)

The eighth is a thread, a pyrite. The Sun braid is in a connection with a chakra, and the emotional main reason helps with his revision, it önmegbecsülés, ourselves his respect. Rewrite your own borders and your bars, and you have to work with this crystal if you face difficulties. (Numerology: resonates with my 8 mouth.)

The ninth is a thread, szugilit. Decision the affection and the fear, the knowledge and between ignorance, the wisdom and the denial, like this most with big challenges confronts. Shows it, that nics more grey areas, you observe the path of the recovery? (Numerology: resonates with my 4 mouth.)

The tenth is a thread, rodokrozit. This is connected with being attached with the father. The belief systems brought from the ancestors, the father genetically into us they are coded, so the childhood and the family samples help with his revision. (Numerology: resonates with my 1 mouth.)

The eleventh is a thread, csaroit. The perseverance and the divine one strengthen the search of aims. The resolute search starts an automatic experiental chain reaction, which shows it,, what it that it serves our life and miaz, that no. Like to the ninth thread, that is you change or you stay in your comfort zone? Ourselves confess it on the road of him becoming his master and we realise what it is, that it does not serve, of what we are afraid, what is it what is our part really.

The twelfth is a thread, milky quartz. We came here in order to finish our cycles; we may confront an experience modifying our life, the so-called crossroad any time, we work with related topics with the twelfth thread of DNA then. The soul, this enter here it, where the ghost takes the initiative, that is the destiny or a fate take us away there where we have to be.Like that as if everything would get out from under our management and the yielding would be our only choice (numerology: resonates with my 4 mouth.)

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