Divorce in Singapore – How will my children be affected?

May 13th 2015 at 4:51 AM

Children are often adversely impacted in the events of divorce and memories of bitter incidents throughout the process can be scarring. As such, before parties of a marriage decides to undergo divorce proceedings, it is important to note some ways in which their children may be affected.

Some ways in which children may be affected by their parent’s divorce, though not exhaustive, include:

    Increased stress and possible straining of parent-child relationships

Divorce can be extremely stressful for children as no children would want their parents to separate. Divorce can also result in strained relationships between the parent and the child as there may be a loss of contact with one parent. Children may also feel more inclined to withholding their feelings of hurt

    Increased risk of suffering from psychological and behavioural problems

Children may, with the lack of care or concern, develop problems with anger, disobedience and rule violations. Their academics and activities in school may also suffer. Some children may also face higher risks of becoming depressed.

On a more positive outlook, some older children or children with a strong sense of responsibility may end up caring for their parents instead.

    Painful memories and ongoing worries about divorce.

Many children may feel apprehensive about marriage, perhaps because they have personally witness the troubles and pains of a divorce. There are also certain traumas from divorce in which these children will have to live with until they learn to perhaps understand and accept them when they get older.

In most divorce cases, the welfare of the child is the utmost priority. Parents may be unable to protect their children from the pains of a divorce but they should try to limit the amount of hurt caused by negotiating amicably and litigating in court if possible. Divorce lawyers trained in mediation will be able to advise individuals on how to minimise the hurt caused to those surrounding the parties of the marriage.


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